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Page Title: Vibration, operating condition
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Amendment -2
Page 12, paragraph 4.4.2(c), under "Capability". Delete and substitute
"Automatically control displacement/acceleration amplitude of fundamental
vibration input to RASP at 0.10-inch double amplitude or 10g, whichever
is less, over the frequency range of 20 to 2000 cps. Monitor cross-axis
motion of RASP in two directions."
Pages 13 and 1.5, paragraph Delete and substitute:
"  Vibration, operating condition. The programmer shall be
subjected to sinusoidal vibration over the frequency range of 20 plus or
minus 3, to 2000 plus or minus 40 cps, and at a double displacement
amplitude of 0.100 plus or minus 0.015 inch or a zero-to-peak acceleration
of 10 plus or minus 1.5g, whichever is less, in each of the three axes
shown in Figure 1.  The frequency range shall be traversed at a logarith-
mic rate in not less than 2.5 minutes, once in each axis.  The vibration
system used shall meet the performance requirements specified in
through Perform tests a, b, and c, as specified in
and at room ambient temperature only, not less than twice in
each axis.  Readings shall be taken at approximately equal time intervals
over the entire frequency range.  The readback time tolerance of each
individual reading shall be plus or minus 0.05 second for channel one and
plus or minus 0.80 second for channel two.  Programmer support requirements. For tests specified in, the programmer shall be supported only in the area shown in
Figure 2 except that the free ends of the programmer payload cable and
test cable may be supported. Vibration system requirements.  The vibration system used
to conduct tests of shall have a continuous duty force rating
of at least 125 percent of the calculated force rating required to
vibrate the programmer and supporting fixtures at specified levels.
Total harmonic distortion in the acceleration waveform over the test
range shall not exceed 10 percent.  The acceleration system noise
level at the unloaded vibration machine exciter shall be less than 0.4g
rms with exciter power supply and field energized, and oscillator gain
control set for maximum attenuation.  The displacement system noise
level under the foregoing conditions shall not exceed 0.005-inch double
amplitude. Vibration control and monitor requirements Vibration machine output.  Output of vibration machine
shall be controlled by an automatic amplitude servo system and shall
be maintained at the levels of displacement or acceleration specified
in by controlling the amplitude of the fundamental frequency.

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