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Page Title: Protective treatment
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3.4.3 Protective treatment.  When materials are used in the
construction of the regulator that are subject to deterioration when exposed
to environmental conditions likely to occur during service usage, they shall
be protected against such deterioration in a manner that will in no way
prevent compliance with the performance requirements of this specification.
Protective coating which might crack, chip, or scale during normal service
life or under extremes or environmental conditions shall not be used.
3.5 Design and construction.  The design and construction of the
oxygen regulator shall be in accordance with MS22062 and the part number
specified in the contract or order (see 6.2c).
3.5.1 Lighted panel.  The regulator shall have a lighted panel
conforming to MIL-P-7788, type III. When specified, the regulator shall
be provided with a lighted panel conforming to MIL-L-85762. The panel
lighting shall be designed to meet the interference control requirements
of MIL-STD-461.
3.5.2 Plugs.  All openings in the regulator shall be closed with
caps or plugs to prevent foreign matter from entering the regulator during
shipping and storage.
3.5.3 Diaphram.  The regulator shall be designed to operate by
means of a load diaphragm. The loading mechanism shall alter the load
of the diaphragm with varying attitudes. The demand diaphragm shall be
fabricated of silicone compound or silicone-coated cloth which shall be
approved by the procuring activity.
3.5.4 Oxygen inlet filter.  The oxygen inlet shall be provied with a
filter capable of preventing foreign particles, larger than 20 microns, from
entering the regulator.  The inlet filter shall be located upstream from the
oxygen supply valve, and shall in no way interfere with normal connections to
the inlet of the regulator.
3.5.5 Air port.  An air port shall be provided for mixing of varying
quantities of air with oxygen. The air port shall be provided with a screen,
not finer than l00 mesh, nor coarser than 30 mesh, to prevent foreign
particles from entering the regulator.
3.5.6 Supply valve toggle.  The supply valve toggle when placed in the
"off" position shall automatically place the diluter assembly in the 100
percent oxygen position.
3.5.7 Oxygen gage.  The regulators shall contain a Type MF-2 high
pressure gage conforming to MIL-G-25507 or a Type MF-3 low pressure gage
conforming to MIL-G-25520. The type gage shall be as specified in MS22062.
3.6 Performance.
3.6.1 Flow characteristics.  The outlet pressures of the regulator,
when tested as specified in 4.8.2, shall be in accordance with the
requirements in Table 1.

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