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Page Title: First article report
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img Samples.  Unless otherwise specified in the contract or order,
as soon as practicable after the award of the contract or order, the
manufacturer shall submit three complete regulators.  The samples shall be
representative of the construction, workmanship, components, and materials
to be used during production.  Men a manufacturer is in continous production
of these units from contract to contract, submission of further first article
samples on a new contract may be waived at the discretion of the acquiring
activity (see 6.2e).  Approval of the first article samples or the waiving
of the first article inspection does not waive the requirements of submitting
to the quality conformance inspection. The first article inspection samples
shall be furnished to the Government as directed by the contracting officer
(see 6.2f). First article report.  Upon completion of the first article
inspection program, the Government activity responsible for conducting the
program {see 6.2f) shall report to the contracting officer the results of
the program, with appropriate recommendations. First article sample disposition.  Disposition of the first
ai-title samples, after completion of testing shall be as follows:
a. One sample shall be returned to the contractor for reference
in monitoring production.
b. One sample shall be retained by the test facility for reference
during Quality Conformance Verification Inspection. This sample shall be
returned to the contractor with the samples from the final production lot.
c. One sample shall not be returned to the contractor due to its
having been subjected to destructive type testing during the inspection
4.5 Quality conformance inspection. Quality conformance inspoection
shall consist of the examinations and tests in Table III, listed sequence
4.5.1 Sampling.
Inspection lot. Regulators.  An inspection lot size shall be expressed in
units of one regulator made under essentially the same conditions and from
the same materials and components.  The sampling unit shall be one regulator. Packaging. An Inspection lot size shall be expressed in
unitsof one fully prepared shipping conainer containing regulators, fully
prepared for delivery, made from the same materials and components. The
sample unit shall be one shipping container, containing regulators, fully
prepared for delivery with the exception that it need not be sealed. Sampling for tests and examinations of regulators.
The sample size, acceptance criteria, tests and examinations required for
the regulators shall be as specified in Table VII, listed sequence mandatory.

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