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Page Title: Connector assembly
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3 . 2 . 6 Connector assembly.  The connector assembly shall be retained
on the receiver by the connector locking pins and spring action of the
c o n n e c t o r plunger.  The connector assembly shall prevent the operating
rod handle from popping out of the receiver way.
3 . 2 . 7 Flash suppressor.  The flash suppressor shall be aligned as
s p e c i f i e d on the applicable drawing and shall be fastened securely to
t h e barrel by the flash-suppressor"nut which in turn shall be fastened
securely by a set screw.  There shall be no relative movement of the
f l a s h suppressor, the flash suppressor nut or the set screw.
3 . 2 . 8 Firing mechanism.  The firing mechanism shall assemble to the
r i f l e without the use of tools, and shall disassemble from the rifle when
t h e trigger guard is unlatched from the trigger housing using a tool
s i m u l a t i n g a cartridge. Hammer.  The hammer shall pivot on the hammer pin through
i t s full range of travel without binding, and when the hammer is released
f r o m the cocked position it shall pivot forward to the stop position on
t h e trigger housing under spring action.
3 . 2 . 8 . 2 S a f e t y .  The safety shall be movable manually from one
p o s i t i o n to the other, and shall remain in the position set until reset
manually.  The safety shall block the trigger and lock the hammer in a
position out of contact with the trigger when the hammer is cocked and
the safety is moved to the " S a f e " (rearward) position. When the safety
i s moved to the "Fire" (forward) position, the hammer shall release
w h e n the trigger is pulled.
3 . 2 . 8 . 3  S e a r .  When the trigger is retained rearward, and the hammer
i s retracted, the sear shall engage and hold the hammer until the trigger
is released and allowed to move forward.
3 . 2 . 8 . 4  T r i g g e r .  The trigger hooks shall hold the hammer in the
c o c k e d position until the trigger is pulled, and after partial or com-
p l e t e d trigger pull the trigger shall return to its normal forward posi-
t i o n under spring action.
3 . 2 . 8 . 5 T r i g g e r g u a r d .  T h e trigger guard shall latch to and un-
latch from the housing, and when unlatched and rotated shall be capable
of cocking the hammer.  T h e latches shall securely retain the firing
m e c h a n i s m to the rifle.
3 . 2 . 9 Gas cylinder group.  The gas cylinder shall be retained on
t h e barrel by the gas cylinder lock and plug. There shall be no rota-
t i o n a l or longitudinal movement of these parts. The gas piston shall

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