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Page Title: Semiautomatic fire
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4 . 5 . 9 . 3 . 7 S e m i a u t o m a t i c f i r e .  With the magazine removed, charge
t h e rifle (pull the bolt) while depressing the trigger, then push forward
o n the rear of the connector and verify that the rifle will not fire
a u t o m a t i c a l l y (see
4 . 5 . 1 0 . 1 F a i l u r e d a t a .  U n l e s s otherwise specified herein, all tests
I f test requirements cited herein
s h a l l be conducted on a complete rifle.
a r e not met, acceptance of the rifle shall be deferred and the contractor
s h a l l accomplish, as applicable, the following actions:
C o n d u c t a failure analysis study performing a dimensional,
physical, and visual examination of the components which
are suspected to be the cause of failure or malfunction.
Evaluate and correct the applicable production processes
and procedures to prevent recurrence of the same defect(s)
i n future production.
E x a m i n e rifles, partially assembled rifles, and components
(including components and subassemblies at in-process or
f i n a l assembly) to insure that material containing the
same defect is purged from the inventory and not presented
to the Government for acceptance.
S u b m i t the results of the failure analysis and the
corrective actions taken to the Government for review and
a p p r o v a l prior to submitting a reconditioned lot or
reconditioned rifle for retest.
4 . 5 . 1 0 . 2 Soundness of weld testing.  Each receiver or barrel and
receiver assembly shall be tested for soundness of weld (see 3.2.17)
u s i n g the test method specified in 4.6.1. Welds or parts failing to
m e e t the requirements shall be rejected.
4 . 5 . 1 0 . 3 Tightness of draw testing.  A sample of three barrel and
receiver assemblies shall be selected from each days production and tested
f o r tightness of draw (see 3.2.18) using the test method specified in
4 . 6 . 2 .  Failure of any assembly in the sample to meet the requirements
s h a l l cause rejection of the represented lot. Test frequency may be
reduced to not less than a test of three assemblies from each week's pro-
d u c t i o n when five consecutive days production have been acceptable. If
a failure occurs during reduced inspection, revert back to the original
i n s p e c t i o n plan.
4 . 5 . 1 0 . 4 Heads ace testing.  E a c h rifle shall be tested for head-
space (see 3.2.19 using the test method specified in 4.6.3. Rifles
f a i l i n g to meet the requirements shall be rejected.

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