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Page Title: Functioning and targeting and accuracy firing test
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and other evidence of damage, and cartridge cases shall be visually ex-
a m i n e d for bulges, splits, rings and other defects caused by defective
b a r r e l s .  The receiver and the bolt and roller assembly of each rifle
s h a l l be magnetic particle inspected in accordance with the applicable
d r a w i n g s after completion of all firing tests (high-pressure resistance,
functioning and targeting and accuracy). Proof marks and magnetic par-
t i c l e inspection marks shall be applied, as indicated on the applicable
d r a w i n g s , on rifles that have passed this test.
4 . 6 . 7 Functioning and targeting and accuracy firing test.  Testing
o f rifles for functioning and targeting and accuracy at a range of 100
yards or at a range of 100 meters (see shall be accomplished
w i t h the rifles held in a targeting jack simulating shoulder firing and
conforming to Drawing F6511841.  The ammunition shall be in accordance
w i t h 4 . 5 . 7 . 3 .  B e f o r e rifles are fired for targeting and accuracy, ten
s h o t s shall be fired off target to seat the rifle and settle the rifle
a c t i o n .  The rear sight shall be set at zero windage, the aperture
e l e v a t e d eight clicks from the lowest position, and the rifle sights
a l i g n e d at 6 o'clock on the sighting image specified on the targeting
and accuracy diagram (Drawing C7790136).  Three series of ten shots shall
b e fired at three separate targets.
During the ten rounds fired to seat
t h e rifle and the 30 rounds fired for targeting and accuracy, rifles
shall be checked to assure that there are no malfunctions or unserviceable
p a r t s and that rifles are capable of only semiautomatic fire. The target
shall then be checked to determine whether the targeting and accuracy
requirements have been met.  Extreme spread shall be measured to the
nearest one-tenth of an inch using the center of the bullet holes as
r e f e r e n c e points.  The front sight shall not be filed or bent but may be
moved as necessary provided that it does not overhang the tenon on the
f l a s h suppressor.  A f t e r satisfactory completion of the targeting and
a c c u r a c y firing test the front sight shall be locked in place by the
f r o n t sight screw, and the rear sight elevating knob shall be set at the
100-meter graduation mark when the aperture is elevated eight clicks from
t h e lowest position.
5 . 1 P i l o t p a c k .  A pilot pack shall consist of a complete rifle
preserved in accordance with Packaging Data Sheet P7790476 for the level
o f protection specified in the contract (see 6.1), packed Level B and
f o r w a r d e d as specified in 3.1.
5.2 Levels A and B.  Preservation, packing and marking shall be in
accordance with Packaging Data Sheet P7790476 for the level of protection
s p e c i f i e d in the contract (see 6.1).
5.3 Commercial packaging.  Preservation, packing and marking shall
be in accordance with Fed. Std. No. 356.

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