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Page Title: Extraction
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MIL-R-48233A(MI) Preparation. An approximately equal portion of the
shall be separated from each of five (5)
stabilizing rods by means of clean pliers.  The portions of coating
shall be broken into 1/8 inch by 1/8 inch pieces, or smaller, and
blended in a beaker.  From this blend, about five (5) grams of
coating shall be weighed accurately and placed in the container of
a Waring or similar "blender".  About 250 ml of distilled water
shall be added and the coating shall be shredded, and the coated
decanted into a one-liter beaker. Add about 250 ml of distilled
water to the coating which resisted shredding and repeat the
shredding process for three (3) minutes. Extraction.  The one-liter beaker containing the shredded
coating shall be placed on a hot plate and boiled for 30 minutes.
The coating solution shall then be filtered through a number 40
Whatman filter paper or equivalent, to collect the shredded coating.
The coating shreds shall be washed-five (5) times with distilled
water, placed in a crucible, and ignited in a muffle furnace at
600C.  After the crucible is removed from the muffle furnace and
cooled, the coating ash shall be dissolved in distilled water and
filtered through a number 40 Whatman filter paper; the filtrate
shall be added to the above solution.  The solution shall then be
diluted to one liter in a volumetric flash and mixed well. Two
50-ml aliquots of the coating solution shall be taken for analysis. Analysis.  A 50-ml aliquot shall be transferred to a 600-
ml beaker, diluted with distilled water to 400 ml, and 2 ml of
concentrated hydrochloric acid shall be added.  This solution
shall be heated to boiling and 20 ml of 10% barium chloride solution
added by pipette.  The boiling shall be restarted and continued for
five minutes.  The sample shall stand overnight and shall then be
filtered through a number 42 Whatman filter paper or equivalent,
and-washed until the filter paper is free of chloride.  The filter
paper and precipitate shall then be ignited in a weighed crucible
at 600C to constant weight. Calculation.  The percentage of potassium sulfate shall
be calculated by the following equation:
Weight of BaS04  (in grams) x 14.93 x 100
Percent K2S04 = ----,---.,---------,- ----------------------
Weight of Sample (in grams)

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