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Page Title: Design and construction
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3.4.9  Workmanship.  The regulators shall be uniform in quality and shall be
free from irregularities, defects, oil, grease or foreign material which could
adversely affect safety, performance, reliability, or durability.
3.5  Design and construction.  The regulator shall be designed in accordance
with envelope drawing 1440AS101.  The regulator size shall be not greater than
the specified envelope dimensions.  A relief valve need not be included in the
regulator design.  If a relief valve is incorporated in the regulator design, it
shall be considered as part of the regulator in terms of meeting all the
requirements of this specification.  Regulators which incorporate a relief valve
shall be subjected to the test conditions in and shall pass the
requirements of
3.5.1  Operation.  The regulator shall be capable of providing the outlet
pressures specified at the flows, inlet pressures, altitudes, acceleration levels
and environmental conditions specified.
3.5.2  Connections.  The regulator shall require no input or output
connections other than those indicated on drawing 1440AS101.  The regulator shall
require no electrical power.
3.5.3  Mounting.  The regulator shall require no mounting or support other
than as indicated on drawing 1440AS101.
3.5.4  Inlet fitting.  The inlet fitting shall be in accordance with drawing
1440AS101.  The fitting shall be installed such that it can be easily removed and
replaced.  The inlet fitting shall contain a filter as specified in 3.5.5.
3.5.5  Filters.  A filter capable of filtering materials 70 microns in size
shall be provided in the inlet fitting to prevent foreign particles from entering
the regulator while in service.  The filter shall be installed such that it can
be removed and replaced as part of the inlet fitting.  Similar size screens and
filters shall also be provided in all ambient pressure sensing ports.
The interior of the regulator shall be free from odor.
3.5.7  Moisture.  The design shall include provisions for preventing moisture
from entering and collecting within the regulator.
3.5.8  Plugs.  All openings in the regulator shall be closed with plastic
caps or plugs to prevent foreign matter from entering the regulator during
shipping and storage.
3.5.9  Weight.
The weight of the oxygen regulator shall be not greater than
10.5 ounces.
3.5.10  Interchangeability.  All parts, subassemblies and assemblies having
the same part number shall be dimensionally and mechanically interchangeable.
3.5.11  Aneroid adjustment.  The regulator shall be designed so that the
aneroid can be easily adjusted.  Aneroid bleed holes shall be visible,
accessible, and capable of being blocked.
3.5.12  Identification of product.
The regulator shall be identified in
accordance with MIL-STD-130.
3.5.13  Serial numbers.  The regulator shall be identified by an individual
serial number which shall be assigned by the manufacturer.  Serialization shall

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