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Page Title: Dust contamination
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-9- Dust contamination. - Dust contamination shall consist of injecting
the following material commercially known as "140 mesh Silica Flour" into the
airflow so that a concentration of 0.065 grams of dust per pound of air is
(1) Fifty percent natural Arizona dust, AC Spark
Plug Division No. 1543094, or equal.
(2) Twenty-five percent graded sharp sand passing
through a 100-mesh screen and over 200 mesh.
(3) Twenty-five percent graded sharp sand passing
through a 50-mesh screen and over 100 mesh. Oil contamination. - Oil contamination shall consist of injecting
oil conforming to Specification MIL-L-6052, Grade 1120 or MIL-L-7808, as
applicable, into the airflow at the rate of 0.017 cc per pound of air, up to
the capacity of the regulator. Smoke contamination. - Smoke contamination shall consist of
burning pipe tobacco at an average rate of 0.63 grams of tobacco per pound
of air and causing the effluent smoke to pass through the regulator.
4.3 Qualification tests:
4.3.1 Prior qualification. - Unless otherwise specified by the procuring
agency, regulators which have not previously passed a qualification test, or
which have passed a qualification test and have been modified in any manner,
shall satisfactorily pass a qualification test prior to the acceptance of any
4.3.2 Qualification test samples .- Qualification test samples shall
consist of two regulators. Samples shall be appropriately identified with
the manufacturer's own part number and any additional identification required
by the authorizing letter. The manufacturer shall furnish information on recommended
calibration setup, with instructions therefor, to the procuring agency at
the time of submission of the regulator for qualification tests.
4.3.3 The qualification tests shall consist of the following tests and
those specified under inspection tests: Endurance.- The regulator shall be placed in a cycling chamber of
test setup No. 2 for 500 hours where the ambient altitude shall be alternately
raised to the altitude specified in the detail specification and dropped to
sea level completing at least 6 cycles per hour. Regulator with combat
changeover mechanism shall concurrently complete at least 100 complete cycles
of range change. Upon completion of the enduranoe run, the regulator shall
be subjected to the sampling tests. vibration. - The regulator shall be subjected to a vibration teat
in accordance with Procedure I of Specification MIL-E-5272. Upon completion
of the vibration test, the regulator shall be subjected to the sampling tests.

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