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Page Title: Antimony sulfide
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MIL-S-10521K (AR)
(100 ) ml. of five percent acetic acid solution shall be added to the
beaker and the contents stirred occasionally until there is no
longer a visible reaction.  Twenty (20) ml. of five percent acetic
acid solution shall be added to the crucible and the contents
stirred occasionally until there is no longer a visible reaction.
The contents of the beaker shall then be filtered using the same
filtering crucible mentioned above.  The residue in the beaker shall
be transferred to the crucible quantitatively and washed with five
5-ml. portions of water and two 5 ml. portions of acetone.  The
crucible and contents shall be dried for 30 minutes at 100 5 C,
212 10F, cooled in a desiccator, and weighed.
The loss in weight, due to the five percent acetic acid treatment,
shall be calculated to percent magnesium in the sample on a dry
basis. Antimony sulfide.  The residue remaining in the
crucible, obtained in connection with the determination of magnesium
shall be calculated to percent antimony sulfide in the sample of a
dry basis. Potassium perchlorate.  The percent potassium
perchlorate in the sample shall be calculated by subtracting from
100 the combined percentage of magnesium and antimony sulfide.
4.5.3 Functioning. Functioning.  The simulator assemblies shall be mounted
in accordance with the instruction drawing 8848620.  The assemblies
shall be ignited by cutting the trip wire.  The sound level meter or
microphone for recording sound level intensity shall be placed a .
distance of 25 .5 feet from the simulator in the direction of the
wi nd.  Each assembly shall be observed for compliance with the
requirements of 3.4.  Test equipment shall be in accordance with
(Destructive Test) Test validity.  If for any reason the testing agency
considers that the test conditions have detrimentally affected the
test results, the test shall be declared invalid and-a new test
performed with addtional samples.
4.5.4 Quick leak test (Vacuum Differential Method).  The filled
and sealed packages, after conditioning at ambient temperature (21
2C, 70 + 5F) for at least four (4) hours, shall be tested for
leakage by submerging in water contained in a vacuum vessel. A
vacuum differential of 216mm (8 1/2 inches) of mercury from ambient
conditions shall be drawn and held for 30 seconds ( minimum) while
observing for leakage of air.  Repeat the test after inverting the
sample.  A steady stream or recurring succession of bubbles from any
surface or seam shall be cause for rejection.  Where there is no
emission of bubbles observed, the package shall be dried, opened and
inspected.  Evidence of water within the barrier bag, or on the
carton, shall also be cause for rejection.  (Non-Destructive Test)

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