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Page Title: Module and terminal board designation
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relays shall be 3/8 inch.  Only wiring for active circuits from the back of
the terminal boards or relays to the electrical components shall be installed.
The front of the terminal boards or relays shall be reserved for ship wiring.
Jumper straps shall be provided to either connect one large ship conductor
to two or more terminals or relays or connect two or more terminals together
for Internal switchboard branching in accordance with requirement 1 of
Special care shall be taken to maintain specified clearances
for these straps between adjacent terminal boards or relays.  Horizontal
edges of these modules shall be covered with insulating material as required
to prevent chafing of ship wiring.
Module and terminal board designation:  Modules shall be marked A through
H, top to bottom. The individual type 7TB12 terminal boards on each module
shall be marked A through U where applicable, omitting I, O, and Q.
Harness wiring:  Wiring between the circuit breakers and bus bars on the
rear of the door shall connect via flexible wiring to the module terminal
boards or relays. Terminal shall be marked. Wiring shall be marked.
Wire size and jumper strap connections:  Large conductor ship cables shall
be terminated on jumper straps in accordance with requirement 1 of MIL-STD-1657.
Input wire sizes from the rear terminal board or relay to the bus bars shall
be as shown by the schedule in requirement 1 of MIL-STD-1657.  Output wires
from the circuit breakers to other components or rear terminal boards or relays
shall be in accordance with MIL-S-17000 where applicable or the schedule in
requirements 1 of MIL-STD-1657.
Bus bar marking:  Bus bars mounted on circuit breaker mounting blocks
shall be identified as AB, and shall be uniquely numbered for each separate
supply. Got example "AB1" for the first supply, "AB2" for the second supply
and so on.  Each individual bus bar shall be given a terminal designation of
A, B, and C for 3-phase buses, and A and B for d.c. buses or l-phase a.c.
buses. For 3-phase buses, the phase sequence shall be A, B, and C, respectively
from right to left, or top to bottom when viewed from the front of the switch-
board. For direct current buses, the polarity shall be positive (+), negative
(-) respectively from right to left, or top to bottom when viewed from the
front of the switchboard.
Circuit breaker:  Circuit breakers shall be type ALB or AQB in accordance
with MTL-C-17588 or MIL-C-17361, respectively. Circuit breakers provided and
installed shall be of the type and rating as specified in the acquisition
technical data package.
Mounting of circuit breakers: Mounting for circuit breakers shall be of
the appropriate design as specified in MIL-C-17588 or MIL-C-17361. Bases
shall be of the type for mounting up to six single-phase of 3-phase circuit
Circuit breaker handle yokes:  Circuit breaker handle yokes shall be
provided for interlocking two single pole (type ALB or AQB) circuit breakers
for simultaneous operation (breakers made up this way will not operate on a
common trip principle). If one breaker trips, the other will not be
mechanically opened

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