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Page Title: Escape system fit and compatibility evaluation
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c. Determine the acceptability of those components or subsystems
previously qualified for escape system service use.
d.  Determine the acceptability of qualifying any component or
subsystem which may be recommended by the contractor for
qualification by similarity to items previously qualified
for escape system service use.
e.  Review the DT-IIA test program plan to ensure that it provides
for qualification of all components and subsystems which are
not considered satisfactorily qualified for escape system
service use. Escape system fit and compatibility evaluation. The escape system
fit and compatibility evaluation shall provide a preliminary evaluation of
escape system fit and compatibility with the aircraft and a preliminary
evaluation of aircrewmember accommodation and mission task performance at each
aircrewmember station. The contractor shall prepare and install an escape
system engineering proofing article(s) in the aircraft (or an aircraft
cockpit or aircrewmember station simulation acceptable to the procuring
activity) for a preliminary evaluation of the escape system design for each
aircrewmember station. Each proofing article shall be representative of
the planned final design and shall be constructed in accordance with MIL-M-8650.
Each article shall accurately depict the location and routing of all ballistic
devices and signal transmission lines, electrical wiring, and ejection seat
assembly or component connections interfacing with the aircraft mounted
escape system elements. If applicable, the recovery subsystem and survival
container shall be simulated in a manner permitting bench-type manual demon-
stration of operation. All ejection seat assembly controls shall be simulated
in a manner permitting operation of the control handles. However, the controls
need not be connected to operating linkages or components. The back tangent
(see 6.4.3) and the seated surface tangent (see 6.4.4) shall be defined for
visual reference,  The contractor shall comply with appendix 2 of MIL-M-8650.
Complex components, subsystems, and operations shall be illustrated and
described in detail so that the participants reviewing the system can quickly
and accurately verify the design, assembly, and operation of each element
of the escape system. Until the final baseline configuration has been
approved in accordance with 4.6.2, the contractor shall maintain the proofing
article in the delivered, or the corrected configuration to permit its use
as a configuration reference tool by both contractor and procuring activity
personnel. No changes shall be made in the configuration of the article
during its retention as a configuration reference tool. Emergency egress tests.  The contractor, using subjects
representative of the anthropometric specified population and wearing full
winter personal flight gear (see appendix), shall demonstrate emergency egress
on land. The egress shall be considered complete when the aircrewmember, with
survival equipment, has cleared the cockpit. The contractor shall prepare a
descriptive analysis of the capability of the escape system to satisfy the
submerged egress requirements in accordance with 3.3.3 (see 6.2.2).

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