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Page Title: Requirements
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3.1 Description.  The Torpedo Exercise Section Mark 64 Mod 2 is a torpedo
shell section approximately fourteen inches long which mounts between the
afterbody and the battery compartment of the torpedo.  It contains all nec-
essary programming and recording instruments for the control and documen-
tation of a torpedo run.  Included in the exercise section are a recorder,
MIL-R-23811, which records torpedo data during an exercise run; an exercise
timer which cuts off the drive motor and control system of the torpedo at
the designated end of a run; a hit cutoff which cuts out the drive motor
when the torpedo hits the target; and exercise tray which mounts all but
one of the electrical parts not connected to pressure tubing; a depth con-
trol switch that terminates the run if a preset depth is exceeded; a ceil-
ing switch that overrides the normal torpedo control circuitry and sends
a "down" signal to the torpedo's elevators if the torpedo rises above a
certain depth during a "not to hit" run; a noisemaker which produces an
audible sound to aid in locating the torpedo after the termination of a
torpedo run; and a solenoid driver assembly which pulses the noisemaker
at 1 Hz.  Three interconnecting cables are also considered part of the
exercise section.  These are the cable to the afterbody, the cable to the
battery compartment, and the straight-through cable from the transducer
to the control panel.
3.2 General requirements.
3.2.1 Preproduction samples.  Unless otherwise specified in the
contract or order (see 6.2), a preproduction sample of the exercise section
is required and shall be manufactured using the methods and procedures
proposed for the production.  The sample shall be tested as specified in
Section 4 for the purpose of determining that, prior to production, the
contractor's production methods are capable of yielding items that comply
with the technical requirements of the contract (see 4.3.1).
3,2.2 Materials.  Unless otherwise specified in the contract, re-
quisition, or order, all materials and purchased parts entering into the
final assembly of the exercise section shall conform strictly to the de-
tailed requirements indicated on the drawings and specifications listed
in LD 547749.
3.2.3 Finishes, coatings, construction, and dimensions.  Finishes,
coatings, construction, and dimensions for the exercise section shall be
strictly in accordance with the applicable drawings, specifications, and
publications listed in LD 547749.
3.2.4 Fungus and corrosion resistance. The exercise section and all
component parts and materials shall be fungus and corrosion resistant in
accordance with requirements 4 and 15 of MIL-STD-454.
3.2.5 Marking.  Marking of assemblies, subassemblies, and parts shall
be in accordance with the applicable drawings listed in LD 547749.

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