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3.4 Components.  All shapers covered herein shall consist essentially of a
table, fence, spindles, spindle drive, electrical system and their
related controls.
3.4.1 Base.  The base shall be constructed of a mass with rigidity to
support the table, motor, spindle and spindle drive mechanism.  The base shall
contain not less than three holes for mounting to the floor or foundation.
3.4.2 Table.  The table shall conform to the dimensions specified in table
I.  The workpiece support surface of the table shall be flat within 0.003 inch
per foot.  The spindle hole through the table shall receive one or more table
rings  to facilitate undercutting operations.  The table rings shall be so
constructed that they are easily removed and installed and conform to the
workpiece  support surface of the table.  The table shall have mounted shaper
guards.  The shaper table shall be constructed  to provide an exhaust opening
for dust and chips.  An adapter of the size and shape specified (see 6.2),
shall connect to the dust collection system. Fence.  The shaper shall have a fence that guides the edge of the
workpiece  as it is hand-fed toward and away from the cutter. The fence shall
conform to table I and allow the use of all cutters within the capacity of the
shaper.  The fence support shall provide  adjustments and means of securely
locking in adjusted positions.
3.4.3 Spindles.  Spindles shall be constructed and balanced to minimize
vibration and to insure centering of Installed cutters. Means shall be
provided to prevent spindle rotation during cutter installation and removal.
Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2),
each spindle shall be independently
driven by a belt,
pulley and motor to provide both spindle speeds and
vertical spindle adjustment in accordance with table I. Spindle,  type I,  size 1.  Type I, size 1 shaper spindle shall be
constructed to accept cutters of 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch bore.  The spindle
shall be supported by ball or roller bearings of the lubricated and
sealed-for-life type.  Two separate spindles, which interchange, shall also be
acceptable to accommodate both the 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch cutter bores. A
handwheel located convenient to the operator shall provide vertical adjustment
of the spindle in  accordance with table I.  Vertical spindle axis alignment
shall be maintained at a 90 degree angle to the table top surface over the
entire spindle adjustment range. Spindles, type 1. sizes 2 and 3 and type II shapers.  Type I, sizes
2 and 3 and type II shaper spindles shall be constructed with a spindle
diameter conforming to table I.  The cutter and collar surface of the spindle
shall either be an extension of the spindle and adapter or a detachable
spindle extension mounted on the spindle.  The spindle shall be supported by
ball or roller bearings  with means of lubrication in accordance with 3.2.9.
sizes 2 and 3 and type 11 shaper spindles shall be supported
Type I,

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