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5.1 Packaging. For acquisition purposes, the packaging requirements shall be as specified in the contract or
order (see 6.2). When actual packaging of materiel is to be performed by DoD personnel, these personnel need to
contact the responsible packaging activity to ascertain requisite packaging requirements. Packaging requirements
are maintained by the Inventory Control Point's packaging activity within the Military Department or Defense Agency,
or within the Military Department's System Command. Packaging data retrieval is available from the managing
Military Department's or Defense Agency's automated packaging files, CD-ROM products, or by contacting the
responsible packaging activity.
(This section contains information of a general or explanatory nature that may be helpful, but is not mandatory.)
6.1 Intended use. Solenoids conforming to this specification are intended for use in direct or alternating current
(single or multiphase) electrical systems. Their principle areas of application are aircraft, missiles, spacecraft, and
ground support equipment. This does not preclude the use of these solenoids in other military applications.
6.2 Acquisition requirements. Acquisition documents must specify the following:
Title, number, and date of the specification.
Title, number, and date of the applicable product specification or engineering drawing.
Issue of DoDISS to be cited in the solicitation, and if required, the specific issue of individual documents
referenced (see 2.2.1).
Packaging requirements (see 5.1).
6.3 First article inspection. When first article inspection is required (see 3.2), the contracting officer should provide
specific guidance to offerors on whether the item(s) should be a preproduction sample, a first article sample, a first
production item, a sample selected from the first 13 production items, or a standard production item from the
contractor's current inventory. The number of items of items to be tested should be as specified in 4.5. The
contracting officer should also include specific instructions in acquisition documents regarding arrangements for
inspections, approval of first article test results, and disposition of first articles. Invitations for bids should specify that
the Government reserves the right to waive the requirement for samples for first article inspection to those bidders
offering a product which has been previously acquired or tested by the Government, and the bidders offering such
products, who wish to rely on such production or testing, must furnish evidence with the bid that prior Government
approval is appropriate for the pending contract. Bidders should not submit alternate bids unless specifically
requested to do so in the solicitation.
6.4 Part or Identifying Number (PIN). All specification sheets previously associated with this basic specification
have been cancelled; therefore, military PIN information is no longer applicable.
6.5 Intermetallic contact. The finishing of metallic areas to be placed in intimate contact before assembly presents
a special problem, since intermetallic contact of dissimilar metals results in electrolytic couples which promote
corrosion through galvanic action. To provide the required corrosion protection, intermetallic couples are restricted to
those permitted by MIL-STD-889.
6.6 Definitions.
Deactuating voltage - The coil voltage at which the coil releases the plunger or armature to its deenergized position
with rated mechanical load.
Maximum operating voltage - The maximum anticipated voltage at which a solenoid is required to operate.
Minimum operating voltage - The minimum anticipated voltage at which a solenoid is required to operate.

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