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Page Title: Shipping data plate
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plates shall conform to MIL-P-514, type III, composition C of type I, grade A,
class 1 material.  The plates shall be attached to the spreader by screws,
bolts, or rivets.
3.20 Shipping data plate. Shipping data plate shall conform to MIL-P-514,
type III, composition C, of type I, grade A, class 1 material and in addition,
shall show the silhouette of the spreader in transport position indicating the
center of gravity and the location and capacity of the lifting and the tiedown
attachments.  The plates shall be attached by screws, bolts, or rivets in a
conspicuous protected location.
3.21 Stenciling.  The weight of the spreader shall be stenciled on each side
so as to be discernible. Stenciling shall conform to MIL-T-704.
3.22 Repair parts and maintenance tools.  Such repair parts and maintenance
tools as specified shall be furnished (see 3.24).
3.23 Toolbox.  A toolbox shall be provided and shall be attached to the
spreader and shall be of a size to hold those tools and accessories required to
operate the spreader.  The toolbox shall be made of steel 0.0747 inch in nominal
thickness, and. shall include provisions for drainage in its mounted position.
The toolbox shall have a hinged lid with a continuous hinge extending the full
length of one edge, and shall be provided with not less than two lockable
fasteners that will keep the lid closed when the toolbox is subjected to
vibration. The toolbox lid shall have an overlapping lip to prevent entry of
rain and dirt. The toolbox shall be securely mounted in a protected and
accessible location permitting the lid to be opened through an arc of not less
than 90 degrees.  The lid shall remain in the fully open position by the weight
of the lid or by holding devices.
3.24 Items to be furnished with the spreader.  No shipment of spreaders shall
be made unless repair parts, maintenance tools, and accessories are included
with the shipment or unless approval for shipment of the spreader without such
items has been received from the contracting officer (see 6.2).
3.25 Workmanship.  The spreader shall be free from defects such as incomplete
welds, rust, cracks, and other defects that could impair the operation of the
spreader.  Metal used in fabrication shall be free from kinks and sharp bends.
The straightening of material shall be done by methods that will not cause injury
to the material.  Corners shall be square and true. Flame cutting, using tips
suitable for the thickness of the steel, may be employed instead of shearing and
sawing.  All bends shall be made with controlled means to insure uniformity of
size and shape. Precaution shall be taken to avoid overheating. Heated steel
shall be allowed to cool slowly.  External surfaces shall be free of burrs,
sharp edges, and corners, except when sharp edges or corners are required or
where they are not detrimental to safety.
3.25.1 Welding. The surfaces of parts to be welded shall be free from rust,
scale, paint, grease, mill scale that can be removed by chipping, wire brushing,
and other foreign matter Welds shall transmit stress without permanent defor-

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