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Page Title: Dump body
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3.5 Dump body. The semitrailer shall be equipped with a rear dump body from which the
load is gravity dumped by opening the rear tailgate and raising the front end of the body, unless
otherwise specified in the specification sheet. The minimum body volume struck and heaped
capacities, as defined in SAE J741, and the dimensional limits shall be as specified in table I and
the semitrailer specification sheet. Except as otherwise specified, the dump body shall be as
Unless otherwise specified by the procuring activity, provide dump body of high
strength low alloy (HSLA) steel.
(b)  When specified (see 6.2), provide dump body of aluminum alloy.
(c)  Material used in steel body per ASTM A242 or SAE J410 HSLA steel having a
minimum 50,000 psi guaranteed yield point (YP).
(d)  Material used in aluminum body per "Aluminum Standards and Data" of the
Aluminum Association and having a minimum 26,000 psi guaranteed YP.
(e)  Floor of one piece of butt-welded metal plate(s), reinforced by cross members or
interlaced understructure, or, for bathtub dumps, encircling transverse bows.
(f)  Head sheet and sides inherently rigid or reinforced by shapes or members to
withstand dumper service.
(g)  Upper sides provided with box type side rails to absorb arm contact from scoop
loaders while loading.
(h)  Provide both front and rear body higher than the height over the sides.
(i)  Provide standard 2-3/4-inch nominal size slots on both front and rear corners for
accepting sideboards up to 12-inches high to be provided by the users.
(j)  Provide horizontal members of the angles, dirt-shedder type to preclude dirt
dropping from the semitrailer while traveling (not applicable to catwalks).
(k)  Provide body access steps per SAE J185 on the left front exterior of the dump body.
(l)  Provide a positive, hoist locking OSHA maintenance strut assembly to hold the
dump body safely in the raised position in accordance with OSHA Regulations
(29CFR 1926); in addition, provide strut assembly to hold at a point-selected
between 1/2 and 3/4 of full dump body hoist arc angle; provide strut assembly
which is self-alining to the holding device when the body is raised and then
(m) Provide a slanted, double acting tailgate having either cast or flame cut plate, off-set
type, top hingers; provide both horizontal and vertical bracing of tailgate sheet;
provide chains for both controlled payload spreading and for lowering the tailgate
level with the bed of the body to accommodate extra long loads; provide minimum
body overhand rearward of the tired for asphalt pavers of the rear-wheel roller types
as specified in table I, d.
(n)  Unless otherwise specified, provide manual tailgate control having lever on left
front of body, a chained safety loop for securing lever, and nonbinding rods and
(o)  When specified (see 6.2), provide an air operated tailgate trip control, operated by
the driver from his seated position in the truck-tractor.

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