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Page Title: Engine components
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3.8 Auxiliary engine. When and as the self-contained hoist system is specified in 3.6.1 (b), a
gasoline or diesel engine shall be provided to drive the hydraulic hoist pump. Engine shall be a
4-cycle heavy-duty type and shall have sufficient output power to drive all operating components
other than the vehicle. During operating conditions, the continuous-duty horsepower output
required by all components and accessories driven by the engine shall not exceed 75 percent of
the full throttle rating of the engine. The size and weight of the engine assembly shall be held to
a minimum consistent with the performance requirements specified herein.
3.8.1 Engine components. The engine shall be a 4-cycle engine equipped with at least the
following components:
Solid state type ignition (gasoline only).
Self-starter, 12 volt.
Resistor-type spark plugs (gasoline only).
Dry type, replaceable element air cleaner.
Automatic choke (gasoline only).
Ether cold weather starting system (diesel only).
Air or liquid cooling system.
3.8.2 Engine control panel. The engine hand throttle, key-operated ignition switch, and
palm starter button shall be installed in a weather-proof cabinet on a control panel, and each shall
be identified as to their function. The cabinet shall be provided with an anti-vandal, hinged
cover with a spring-type latch and provisions for locking with a padlock having a 3/8-inch
3.8.3 Engine electrical system. The engine electrical system shall be in accordance with
DOT Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations 393.30 through 393.33. The battery furnished
shall be a minimum size 30 or 31, 12-volt battery conforming to SAE J537. The battery shall be
secured with battery hold downs in an enclosed battery box.
3.8.4 Engine fuel pump. A fuel pump shall be furnished and when lifting fuel against a head
of 4 feet, the pump shall have sufficient capacity to supply the engine at its maximum rated load.
An in-line primary water separator and a secondary fuel filter shall be provided.
3.8.5 Governor. A variable-speed governor is required to be furnished. The governor shall
automatically control the engine speed at the selected rated speed at all pressures required. A
manually operated hand throttle shall control the engine at all speeds from the manufacturer's
recommended minimum idle speed up to the maximum governed speed.
3.8.6 Engine fuel tank. The engine shall be furnished with an engine fuel tank. The fuel
tank shall have a capacity to provide fuel for at least 8 hours of full-load operation. The fuel tank
cap shall be painted red and shall be attached to the tank by means of a corrosion-resistant chain.
A sump shall be provided in the fuel tank suitable for collection and accumulation of water. A

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