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Page Title: Servicing and adjustment
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3.12 Lubrication. Lubrication means shall be provided for all moving parts that require
lubrication. The types of lubricants shall be in accordance with and selected from SAE J754 and,
whenever practical, shall interchange or be replaced by military lubricants. All initial fills of
lubricants shall be limited to the types approved by the component manufacturers. Lubrication
intervals shall be in accordance with SAE J752 as recommended by the component
manufacturer. Manual fluid level indicators shall be in accordance with SAE J48 and J614.
Grease lube fittings shall conform to SAE J534 and shall be of the threaded types. A lubrication
chart(s) shall be furnished in accordance with SAE J753 and shall include the interchangeable
military lubricants as well as the commercial SAE J754 lubricant designations.
3.13 Servicing and adjustment. The contractor shall service and adjust each vehicle for
delivery in operational conditon for the user. The contractor shall use his commercial checklist
and include at least the following:
Adjustment of suspension.
Adjustment of brake system.
Electrical system continuity checks, voltage drop.
Torque of wheel lug nuts.
Inflation of all tires.
Lubricant checks and lubrication of all components with approved products.
3.14 Technical publications. The technical publications shall be in accordance with
SAE J920 except as otherwise specified (see 6.2).
3.15 Workmanship. Defective parts and assemblies which have been repaired or modified to
overcome deficiencies shall not be furnished. All workmanship on the semitrailers shall be in
accordance with the engineering and production standards of the heavy semitrailer industry. The
semitrailers shall withstand the operation specified herein without permanent deformation,
breakage of connections, malfunction, or component intererence caused by incorrrect
workmanship. All parts of the semitrailer before and after painting shall be clean and free from
sand, dirt, fins, pits, sprues, scale, flux, and other harmful extraneous material. Edges and
surfaces exposed to personnel shall be smooth and rounded to the extent that a hazardous surface
does not exist.
3.15.1 Fabrication. Aluminum and steel fabrication. Aluminum and steel shall provide original quality
surface finish and shall be free from kinks and sharp bends. Aluminum and steel having eroded
surface is not acceptable. The forming of the material shall be done by methods that will not
cause damage to the metal. Shearing, punching, and chipping shall be done uniformly, neatly,
and accurately. Corners shall be square and true, and all sharp edges and burrs shall be removed.
The burned surfaces of flame-cut material shall be free of burrs, slag, and sharp edges.
Precautions shall be taken to avoid overheating of metal. Heated metal shall be allowed to cool
slowly, except where heat treatment is required. All bends shall be made with precise,
unyielding dies or jig fixtures to insure uniformity of size and shape.

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