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Page Title: Dolly intervehicular connections.
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to the semitrailer, the dolly shall turn 110 degrees both to the right
and to the left of the longitudinal centerline of the semitrailer.  The
lunette and towbar shall be compatible for towing with a military, 5-ton,
6 x 6, M51 dump truck (MS500010) or with a military, 10-ton, 6 X 6, M125
cargo truck (MS500000) and shall permit the centerline of the truck to
turn to angles of not less than 60 degrees to the right and to the left
or the centerline Or the dolly when in towing position.  There shall be
no interference between either truck and the dolly-semitrailer combi-
nation. Landing leg.  The towbar of the dolly shall be provided
with an adjustable gear type Landing leg to permit one man to couple
and uncouple the lunette and the pintle on the towing vehicle with the
dolly loaded.  Ground clearance shall be not less than 18 inches when
the towbar and landing leg are in travel position. DollY suspension. The dolly suspension shall include a
dual-tire axle as specified in 3.13.2 and 3.13.3 in a single axle
sprung configuration  The location of the flexible members of the
suspension system shall be between the axle and the dolly fifth wheel
plate in a manner to provide the oscillation specified herein without
hazardous handling characteristics.  Tires, rims, and wheels shall be
interchangeable with those on the semitrailer. A complete air brake
system shall be furnished as specified in 3.13.5. The dolly brakes
shall be correctly balanced in application pressure and timing to re-
duce the possibility of jackknifing the screening unit during stops.
The dolly brakes shall have less effectiveness than the rear brakes
through use of smaller chambers, or by installation of a pressure
holding or reducing valve in the dolly brake system. Dolly electrical system.  The electrical system of the
dolly shall conform to 3.13. 6 through  Service and black-
out rear combination lights, only, shall be required and installed. Dolly intervehicular connections. The dolly shall be pro-
vided with electrical and airbrake lines to connect the truck systems
to the semitrailer systems.  All forward intervehicular connections be-
tween the dolly and the truck shall extend 36 to 42 inches toward the
truck and terminate on the dolly towbar rearward at least 18 inches,
measured from the center of the lunette eye.  All rearward intervehic-
ular connections between the dolly and the semitrailer shall be sup-
ported on a truck-tractor type spring pie. The intervehicular connection

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