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Page Title: Requirements
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(Application for copies should be addressed to US Army Mobility Equipment
Research and Development Command, ATTN:  DRDME-HK, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060.)
3.1 General.  The scraper shall be the latest model of the standard product
of the contractor and shall have demonstrated industry acceptability by having
been manufactured, marketed, and sold in significant numbers to the commercial
public for the same or similar application, interfacing with the same or similar
components, except as specified herein, for at least 1 year prior to invitation
for bids or request for proposal.  Product improvements incorporated in the
commercial production units in this 1 year period are acceptable.  In the case
of a recently introduced item, the contractor shall submit sufficient valid
industrial operation/test data including all test reports for the item and its
components, such as engine, transmission and hydraulic systems field user
reports, including any failures or problem areas, and corrective action taken to
demonstrate acceptability of the item.  When specified requirements are not
stated herein, all items listed as standard equipment in the contractors
published specification brochures and catalogs, or normally furnished to
commercial customers as standard equipment, shall be furnished,  The scraper
shall be equipped with any optional equipment necessary to comply with require-
ments specified herein,  Optional equipment is defined as equipment not standard
with the scraper but which has been furnished to the commercial customer, such
as special features or allied equipment.  The scraper shall be equipped with all
components necessary to enable the scraper to function reliably and efficiently
in sustained operation.  The scraper shall conform to all Federal laws and
regulations governing safety, noise levels, and pollution, which are in effect
on the date of invitation for bids or request for proposal.  The tractor section
shall be interchangeable with the tractor section of the water distributor con-
forming to MIL-D-52987.  The interchangeability shall be accomplished at the
user level without cutting or welding.
3.2 Description.  The scraper shall be a commercial elevating model, with
diesel engine, pneumatic tires, two axles, articulated steering, two single
driving front wheels, and two single non-driving gearwheels. The scraper shall
have a minimum heaped capacity of 9 cubic yards, and shall be equipped with
power shift transmission.
3.2.1 Type I.  The type I scraper with ROPS/FOPS removed shall be capable of
being loaded and rigged on an air delivery platform in accordance with
MIL-STD-669, air transported and air delivered by parachutes.
3.2.2 Type II.  The type II scraper with ROPS/FOPS removed shall meet the
requirements specified for type I (see 3.2.1) and shall also be capable of being
sectionalized into 2 sections for external air transport by helicopter  Section-
alization material may be removed for airdrop
3.3 First article (preproduction models).  The contractor shall furnish two
scrapers of each type for examination and demonstration within the time frame
specified (see 6.2), to prove prior to starting production that his production
methods and choice of design detail will produce scraped that comply with the
requirements of this specification. The examination and demonstrations shall be

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