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Page Title: Projected reticle pattern accuracy
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a uniformly illuminated field of. view of at least 2300 foot lamberts.
The light intensity control shall now be adjusted to determine that a
position exists where the projected reticle pattern image is clearly
visible. Projected reticle pattern accuracy.- Adjust the light
intensity control for optimum viewing and establish coincidence between
the intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines on the target and
those of the projector's reticle image.  Examine the entire circumference
of the projectors 30 mil circle to determine that it is within the two
concentric circles which subtend angles of 29 and 31 mils respectively. Parallax.- The observer shall locate his eye eight to ten
inches from the beamsplitter in the direction of the sight housing along
the line of sight depicted by Drawing F105473O4. Adjust light intensity
control knob for optimum viewing.  Align both the vertical and horizontal
reticle line of the sight close to but not touching the vertical and
horizontal lines on targets, located at an actual or simulated distance of
1000 meters.  The observer shall slightly move his head up and down and
from right to left, while observing both target lines and both reticle
lines.. the observer shall discover no line displacement in excess of the
limit specified over the full aperture of the beamsplitter. Image
tilt.- Perform this test with a target line that is plumb,
`aligned with the vertical longitudinal plane containing the line of sight
established in and with one extremity of the projector's reticle
image vertical line in coincidence with the target's plumb line - at the
bottom of the 31 mil circle.  The other extremity of the projector's reticle
image vertical line shall now be observed at the top of the 31 mil circle
to verify that it is not displaced more than 0.4 mil from the plumb target
Apply 28 vdc to the projector, position Electrical controls.-
filament selector switch sequentially in each "ON" position and rotate the
light intensity control knob from its extreme ccw position of minimum lamp
illumination to the extreme cw position of maximum lamp illumination.
Determine that a progressive increase in lamp emitted light occurs with CW
rotation of the control and a progressive decrease with ccw rotation - in
both positions of the filament selector switch. With the control in an
extreme ccw position and the switch sequentially placed in alternate "ON'
positions, it shall be observed in a darkened area (having not more than
0.01 foot candle of Illumination) that no light is emitted from the lamp.
Observe compatibility between control performance and markings and that the
knob is secure to its shaft.  Observe positive switch indexing and ease
of manipulation of both controls. Arm 10547473 operability.- This test consists of applying
normal to Arm 10547473 the direct forces that equal the torque values in

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