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Page Title: Platform extension.
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tilting conditions, there shall be no interference between the tires and frame members, platform,
or wheel covers. When a stationary area is provided ahead of the tilting platform, the stationary
area shall be floored the same as the tilting platform and shall be on the same plane so as to
provide a level load space. The space between the stationary area and tilting platform shall be
kept to a minimum. If a stationary area is furnished, it shall be not more than 3 feet long,
measured from the rear of the gooseneck rearward.
3.7.1 Flooring. The platform shall be floored with apitong, white or red oak, or white
ash of 2-1/4 inch uniform thickness as specified in MIL-W-3912. The tolerance on wood
thickness shall be plus or minus 1/8 inch. The average weight of apitong used shall be not less
than 50 pounds per cubic foot (pcf), with none of the individual pieces weighing less than 47 pcf,
with no more than 15 percent moisture content at time of weighing. Flooring shall be laid
lengthwise, as close together as practicable, attached with corrosion-resistant countersunk bolts
and bridge style floor clips to eliminate drilling frame members. The top of countersunk bolt
heads shall be not less than 1/8 inch and not more than 1/4 inch below the top of the wood
surface. Exposed ends and edges of the flooring shall be protected with metal reinforcements.
Wood surface shall be not less than 1/4 inch higher than adjoining metal members to prevent
metal-to-metal contact of the load and the semitrailer. Platform crossmembers and bracing shall
be adequate to sustain the rated payload with the load distributed as specified in 3.4.1. When
platform width extensions are specified (see 3.7.5) the two center boards shall be secured to
permit their easy removal by one man without special tools. The removable boards shall be
capable of being used in the extension brackets specified.
3.7.2 Platform extension. Either a beavertail or when specified (see 6.2), a total level
platform extension shall be furnished. The beavertail or level platform extension shall be floored
the same as the platform. When no beavertail is furnished, and with the platform in tilted
position and the rear edge of the platform on the ground, the angle of the platform with
horizontal (ground) shall conform to table I. Beavertail. The beavertail shall be a nominal 60 inches in length. The beavertail
shall have steel decking support members on not more than 18-inch centers oriented 90 degrees
to the direction of the wooden flooring. When in the tilted position, with the rear edge of the
beavertail on the ground, the angle of the platform with horizontal (ground) and the angle of the
beavertail platform with horizontal (ground) shall be as specified in table I.
3.7.3 Stake pockets. The semitrailer shall have not less than eight stake pockets, four on
each side. The stake pockets shall be equally spaced from the front to the rear of the loading
space, except when interference with critical frame members occurs. The stake pockets shall be

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