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Page Title: Axles and suspension.
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3.8 Gooseneck. The gooseneck shall be of sufficient length to provide the minimum
landing wheel clearance (turning clearance) specified and narrow enough in width and shaped to
meet the maximum forward swing clearance radius specified. A fixed flat gooseneck shall be
furnished. The entire area between the gooseneck main frame members shall be enclosed for use
as a tool box. The underside shall be enclosed with a steel plate not less than 0.188 inch thick.
Drain holes shall be provided. The top of the gooseneck shall be completely covered with not
less than three hinged lids, arranged to provide access to all storage space. The deck lids shall be
of safety tread steel plate with a minimum thickness of 0.188 inch, exclusive of the raised tread.
Ring or retractable handles shall be provided to raise each deck lid. Suitable hoops shall be
provided to permit padlocking the deck lids. Air lines and electrical cables and components
within the storage area shall be protected from damage by stowed equipment, but shall be
accessible for servicing.
3.8.1 Full width gooseneck. When specified (see 6.2), the gooseneck shall be the full
width of the tilting platform. The top of the gooseneck outside the tool box area shall be
completely covered with steel plate of the safety tread type with a minimum thickness of
0.188 inch exclusive of the raised tread; or when specified (see 6.2), floored between and flush
with the top of the frame the same as specified for the main platform.
3.9 Axles and suspension. The axle and suspension system shall be of rated capacity at
least equal to the load imposed at the ground when the semitrailer is loaded with specified
payload. Axle and suspension system shall consist of either walking beam or spring suspension
or combination walking beam and spring suspension and shall mount four dual wheels.
Clearance shall prevent interference between wheels and any other portion of the vehicle under
the conditions specified. Difference in height, for specified sets of dual wheels, shall be
measured at the center of the tread on the outer tire. Sufficient articulation shall be provided to
maintain approximately equal loading on each wheel under each of the following conditions:
(a) With not more than two diagonally opposite wheels elevated 6 inches.
(b) With forward pair of dual wheels elevated 6 inches above rear pair.
(c) With rear pair of dual wheels elevated 6 inches above forward pair.
3.9.1 Oil lubricated axles. The wheel bearings and axle spindles shall be oil lubricated.
The oil viscosity shall be in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. The hubs
shall be fitted with seals. The hubcaps shall have a window. The hubcaps shall incorporate
provisions for venting or equivalent method of withstanding internal pressure buildup without
leakage. These shall be provisions for replenishing the oil supply.
3.10 Wheels, rim, tires and tubes. Rims and tire ratings shall conform to Tire and Rim
Association or European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation recommendations, for the type
and size of tires furnished. Except when tube type tires are specified in procurement documents,

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