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Page Title: Accessibility.
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* 3.2.3 Ratings. The rated payload capacity shall be not less than 39,000 pounds for size A,
46,800 pounds for size B and 65,000 pounds for size C. These weights are computed from the
rated volume using 13 pounds per gallon. Component and vehicular ratings shall not be raised to
meet the requirements of this specification. When published ratings are not available,
verification of ratings shall be available to the appropriate engineering office of the procuring
activity. The axles of the semitrailer shall be positioned so that the proportion of the gross
weight of the loaded semitrailer supported on the tires, with a maximum tank slope of
1-1/2 percent to the rear, with the semitrailer on level ground, shall not exceed 32,000 pounds for
size A, 34,000 pounds for size B and 46,500 pounds for size C.
*  3.2.4 Accessibility. The design of the vehicle and optional equipment shall permit access for
routine servicing and shall permit access for replacement and adjustment of component parts and
accessories with minimal disturbance of other components and systems.
*  3.2.5 Prohibited materials. Asbestos material shall not be used in any form in any part of the
vehicle. No item, part or assembly shall contain radioactive materials in which the specific
activity is greater than 0.002 microcurie per gram of activity per item equals or exceeds
0.01 microuries.
*  3.3 Performance. The semitrailer, fully equipped and loaded, shall be capable of being
towed at speeds as great as 10 miles per hour (mph) over unimproved roads (see 6.3.2) and being
towed at speeds as great as 55mph over improved roads (see 6.3.1).
3.3.1 Turning ability. The semitrailer shall be capable of assuming a 90 degree angle to a
coupled towing vehicle without cramping or damage to the semitrailer or the towing vehicle.
*  3.3.2 Brake performance. The service brakes shall stop the semitrailer-tractor combination,
within the stopping distance requirements of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation 393.52.
Requirements shall be met with a truck tractor loaded to its full rated gross vehicle weight
(GVW) and gross combination weight (GCW).
3.3.3 Tracking ability. The semitrailer shall conform to the tracing requirements of Federal
Motor Carrier Safety Regulation 393.70(a).
*  3.4 Dimensions and clearances. The semitrailer, without payload, uncoupled from the
towing vehicle, resting on its landing legs on level ground, and with the platform level, shall
conform to the dimensions specified in table I.

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