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Page Title: Engine exhaust. system.
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* Engine. The compressor drive shall be a diesel engine. The engine shall be an air
cooled type, of standard commercial design with the power, torque and speed necessary to
satisfactorily operate the air compressor. The engine shall be furnished complete with all
accessories necessary for operation, including air cleaner, starting system, alternator or
generator, battery fuel tank of sufficient capacity for eight hours of normal operation, exhaust
system (see, engine mounted instrument panel with throttle control, start/stop switch
and battery charging indicator. The battery shall be of the maintenance-free type having the
maintenance-free characteristics listed in W-B-131. The engine shall be provided with an ether
aid cold start system, glow plug or grid heater. Engine exhaust. system. The exhaust system shall conform to Federal Motor
Carrier Safety Regulation 393.83, and unless otherwise specified (see 6.2), shall be furnished
with spark arrester. The spark arrester shall have an 80 percent arresting efficiency when rated
in accordance with SAE J350. Means shall be provided to vent exhaust fumes away from
payload discharge outlet(s) and operating personnel.
* Radio interference suppression. The engine shall be suppressed to limit
electromagnetic radiation in accordance with SAE J551.
* Engine sound level. The engine noise level during operation shall be not more than
84 db(A) when measured in accordance with MIL-STD-1474. The noise level shall be measured
at the operator's station adjacent to the controls with the operator standing on the ground.
*  3.17.6 Hose and hose carriers. Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2), 3-inch inside diameter
(id) discharge hose, fabricated of material to withstand the acids specified, shall be furnished.
Four 25-foot lengths of such smooth bore discharge hose, rated for not less than 100 psig, shall
be furnished. Each hose section shall be fitted with male and female couplings of the cam-lock
type, rated for not less than 100 psig. The hose fittings shall be of stainless steel or plastic, as
needed to withstand the acids specified. Troughs, with drainage, shall be provided for stowing
the hose sections. The hose sections shall be attached to the troughs with hose clamps. The
troughs and hose clamps shall be fabricated of the same material as necessary for the cam lock
3.18 Type II tank body and equipment. In addition to the requirements of 3.16 through
3.16.13, type II semitrailers shall be furnished with the additional equipment specified in 3.18.1
through 3.18.11.
3.18.1 Liquid collection equipment. Liquid contents shall be drawn into the tank through a
hose line by suction provided by a partial vacuum developed within the tank. Unloading of

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