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Page Title: Availability of regulations
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(e) Evidence of abnormal tire wear due to misalinement or unbalance
(f) Failure of any vehicular safety device such as brakes or electrical circuits
(g) Evidence of structural weakness in any part of the vehicles, vehicle components,
accessories or welds
(h) Loose mountings of parts or accessories due to workmanship or vehicular operation.
*  4.3.3 Leakage test. After the road test, the completely assembled tank-body, including all
piping, shall be tested for leaks in accordance with DoT Safety Regulation 178.348,
Specification DoT 412. In addition, all piping and hoses shall be tested for leaks at the
maximum pressure and vacuum they can encounter during use of the vehicle mounted pumping
4.3.4 Functional tests. The pressure discharge and vacuum loading (type II only) systems
shall be cycled through all functions, using water. All valves shall be checked for proper
4.3.5 Electrical test. An electrical test shall be conducted on the first production vehicles to
determine that all vehicle lights are functioning. In addition, when an interconnected 24-volt
system is furnished, the circuits of the 12-contact receptacle shall be energized with not less than
28 volts dc regulated voltage for a time sufficient to stabilize the temperature of the resistor
assembly for not less than 30 minutes in an ambient temperature of not less than 77oF. After the
test the resistor assembly, including resistors, wiring and adjacent components, shall be
examined for evidence of overheating, deterioration or damage.
*  4.3.6 Availability of regulations. The contractor shall make available to the Government at
the point of final acceptance a current copy of DoT Safety Regulation178.345 and DoT Safety
regulation 178.348, Specification DoT-412. The document shall be surrendered to the
Government for the personal use of the Government representatives in conjunction with the
contract for the duration of the contract.
*  4.3.7 Joint specimens. The contractor shall offer for Government inspection and approval
the joint test specimens subjected to the tensile test required by DoT Safety regulation 178.345
together with certification regarding their date of preparation and testing. The test specimens
shall be current in accordance with 178.345.
*  4.3.8 Certification. A manufacturer's certificate of compliance to DoT-412 as defined in
178.345 shall be furnished and securely stowed and shipped with the vehicle together with
instructions for the recipient regarding the certificate's retention and use. The certificate shall
bear, in addition to the signatures specified above, the typed and signed name of the Government
official accepting the vehicle.

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