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Page Title: Hydraulic rear ramp
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less than 0.125 inch and not more than 0.250 inch below the top of the wood surface. Butt joints
shall be centered over the crossmembers and shall be staggered. Steel plate decking shall be
provided over the wheel wells.
*  3.7.1 Stake pockets. The semitrailer shall have not less than fourteen side stake pockets,
seven on each side. Not less than four stake pockets shall be furnished across the front and not
less than four across the rear. The stake pockets shall be 4 inches square and shall be located
inside the inner edge of the outer rails of the load space. Stake pockets shall be furnished with
drains to prevent entrapment of water.
*  3.7.2 Lashing D rings. The semitrailer shall have fourteen lashing D rings, located as
follows: two on each side of the kickup deck, four on each side of the lower deck and one on
each side of the ramp. Each lashing ring and its mountings shall be capable of withstanding pulls
of 10,000 pounds in any direction without permanent deformation.
3.7.3 Mounting of winch. Provisions shall be made for mounting a hydraulic winch on or
under the gooseneck. Provisions shall also be made for mounting an air cooled engine driven
hydraulic pumping unit on the gooseneck. The hydraulic pumping unit shall provide power to
the hydraulic winch and to the hydraulic ramp.
*  3.7.4 Hydraulic rear ramp. The rear portion of the platform shall serve as a hydraulic
operated ramp. The ramp shall be capable of being lowered to the ground and elevated above
horizontal. The ramp shall be the full tapered type providing a single continuous plane, without
slope changes or gaps. The ramp angle with respect to the ground with the rear edge of the ramp
on the ground shall be not more than 18 degrees. When the ramp is lowered so that its lower rear
edge is touching the ground, the upper edge shall be flush with the ground within 0.25 inch. The
edge of the ramp shall be capable of being elevated to not less than 54 inches above the ground
with no load on the ramp. Means shall be provided for positive mechanical locking of the loaded
ramp in a horizontal travel position. The ramp shall be capable of lifting and carrying a
20,000 pound load in the level travel position with the load secured and centered on the ramp.
The rear portion of the ramp shall fold under to ensure conformance to Federal Motor Carrier
Safety Standard No. 108.
3.7.5 Ramp controls. Controls for operating the ramp shall be located on the left side
(streetside) of the gooseneck. Ramp controls shall be within easy reach of an operator standing
on the ground. All controls shall be clearly identified for their intended function, with
permanently affixed photoetched or stamped identification plate(s) made of corrosion-resistant

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