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Page Title: Rechargeable electrical system
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torque shall provide continuous operation of the hydraulic system at the flow rate specified
(see 3.8.5), the pressure required to operate the winch (see 3.8) under maximum load at required
speeds, and operation of the ramp under maximum load. Engine sound level. The engine noise level during winch and ramp operation shall
be not greater than 84 dB(A). The noise level shall be measured at the operator's station adjacent
to the mounted winch and ramp controls, or at the loudest point within reach of the remote
control cable with the operator standing on the ground.
* Rechargeable electrical system. When specified (see 6.2), a rechargeable electrical
system shall be furnished to drive the hydraulic ramp (and winch), in lieu of an auxiliary engine.
The electric motor shall be mounted on the upper gooseneck in conjunction with the hydraulic
pump. The electrical system shall include:
36 volt dc motor
375 ampere-hour industrial battery
Battery charging indicator
Pressure switches and control circuits
Connections and cables for recharging the battery from a coupled truck tractor
A weatherproof battery box.
*  3.9 Stake racks. When specified (see 6.2), stake racks shall be furnished. Stake racks
around the main deck shall be not less than 60 inches high. The kickup racks shall be of such
height that the tops of the racks shall be level with the tops of main deck racks. The front rack
shall be a reinforced steel panel, capable of being removed when unbolted. The front panel shall
be designed to sustain an end thrust of not less than 50 pounds per square foot, when interlocked
with the adjacent side racks. The number of side sections shall be as required for the stake
pockets specified in 3.7.1. All sections shall be easily removable without evidence of binding or
jamming. All sections shall meet and fit so that locking devices engage and disengage freely and
shall not require the use of other than small hand tools.
3.9.1 Stake rack construction. The stakes shall be either hardwood, fitted with a metal
ferrule at the lower end; pressed steel not less than 10 gage (0.1345 inch) thick; or extruded
aluminum of equivalent strength. When the racks are installed, the slats shall be inside the load
space, with the upright posts outside. All corners shall be square. The front panel and side and
rear racks shall be provided with heavy duty interlocking hardware. The rear rack sections shall
be equipped with locking devices to lock the racks to the body. Slats in the side and rear racks
shall be at least 13/16 by 3-5/8 inch finished dimensions. The slats in the bottom half of the
racks shall be spaced as close together as practicable. The slats in the upper half shall be spread
not less than 2 inches and not more than 3 inches apart. Stakes and slats, including hardware,

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