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Page Title: Servicing and adjusting.
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*  3.16.6 Resistors. When an interconnected 24-volt dc system is specified (see 3.16.4), the
12-contact receptacle shall be provided with resistance to each circuit to reduce the voltage of the
tactical towing vehicle from a nominal 24 volts dc to 12 volts dc. Each circuit resistor shall be
selected to reduce the voltage of the tactical towing vehicle to within the maximum rated voltage
of the semitrailer electrical components. The resistor assembly shall be located in a protective
housing and provided with adequate ventilation or a heat sink to prevent overheating and any
damage to resistors, wiring, or adjacent components.
*  3.17 Mud flaps. Mud flaps shall be provided to the rear of the rear wheels, in accordance
with SAE J682. A metal strip not less than 0.125 inch thick and not less than one inch wide,
extending the entire width of the mud flap, shall be installed to prevent the bolt heads or bolt nuts
from damaging the mud flap. As an alternate method of attaching the mud flaps, tabs or clips
with minimum surface contact dimensions of 1 inch high by 1.25 inch wide by 0.093 inch thick
shall be furnished at each bolt.
3.18 Rear end protection. The semitrailer rear end protection shall be in accordance with
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation 393.86.
*  3.19 Toolbox. A tool box shall be furnished. The tool box shall provide for storage of a
vehicle jack, hand tools, anti-skid chains (for outside tires on duals only) and emergency
reflective triangles. Minimum dimensions shall be 22 inches by 22 inches by 12 inches. A door
opening size of not less than 20 inches by 10 inches shall be furnished. The tool box shall be
fabricated of not less than 12 gage (0.1046 inch) steel. The box shall be weatherproof and shall
provide for locking with a padlock.
3.20 Tools. When specified (see 6.2), the semitrailer shall be furnished with tools for
changing a mounted tire assembly with the spare tire assembly and shall include a hydraulic jack,
jack handle and wheelnut wrench. The jack shall be of such closed height as to permit its
location under axle or other satisfactory lift point at any wheel with the tire flat. The jack,
without blocking, shall be capable of raising any wheel of the loaded semitrailer to a height
adequate to permit removal and replacement of wheel and tire assembly.
3.21 Servicing and adjusting. Prior to acceptance of the semitrailer by the Government
inspector, the contractor shall service and adjust the semitrailer for operational use including at
least the following: inflation of all tires, adjustment of brakes, proper functioning of all lighting,
and complete lubrication with grades of lubricants recommended for the ambient temperature at
the delivery point.
*  3.22 Workmanship. Defective components or parts and assemblies which have been
repaired or modified to overcome deficiencies shall not be furnished. Welded, bolted, and
riveted constructed utilized shall be in accordance with the best commercial practice.

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