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Page Title: Remote control unit.
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MIL-S-62294B(AT) Ramp load lifting test. A load of not less than 20,000 pounds shall be secured on the
ramp with the load center of gravity positioned over the center of the ramp. The ramp shall be
operated as specified in 4.3.7. Ramp operation shall conform to the requirements specified in 3.3
and 3.7.4. The test shall be conducted five times with mounted controls and repeated five times
with remote controls when furnished.
4.3.8 Hydraulic winch test. The winch shall be tested for conformance to the line pull and
line speed requirements as specified in 3.8 when the winch is powered by the hydraulic pumping
system specified in 3.8.5. The winch cable shall be unwound from the drum until there are no
overlapping strands of cable on the drum and shall be attached to a minimum of a 9,000 pound
line pull load. The winch shall then be activated and shall pull the load at a speed of not less
than 14 feet per minute.
4.3.9 Remote control unit. Reel assembly. The remote control unit cable shall be extended 60 feet and
retracted. Cable extension, retraction, and reel latching shall conform to the requirements
in 3.8.3. The test shall be repeated for cable extensions of 25 feet, 10 feet and 5 feet. Control operation. The remote control unit shall be used to operate the rear ramp
and winch as specified in 4.3.7 and 4.3.8. Operation shall conform to the requirements specified
in 3.8.3.
4.3.10 Electrical test. An electrical test shall be conducted on the first production vehicle to
determine that all vehicle lights are functioning. In addition, when an interconnected 24-volt
system is furnished, the circuits of the 12-contact receptacle shall be energized with not less than
28 volts dc regulated voltage for a time sufficient to stabilize the temperature of the resistor
assembly for not less than 30 minutes in an ambient temperature of not less than 77F. After the
test, the resistor assembly, including resistors, wiring and adjacent components shall be
examined for evidence of overheating, deterioration or damage.
4.3.11 Engine sound level test. Engine sound level shall be measured during winch and
ramp tests to determine conformance to
4.3.12 Stake panel test. When stake racks are specified the racks shall be examined for
conformance to 3.9. The front panel shall be able to be removed and replaced when unbolted
from the chassis. Side sections shall be easily removable, and shall be interchangeable, by
disengaging and engaging the locking devices. The use of small hand tools is permitted.
The front panel shall be subjected to an end thrust load of 50 pounds per square foot, when
interlocked with the adjacent side racks, without deformation or failure of the interconnecting

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