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Page Title: Welder and welding operator certification.
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MIL-S-62469(AT) Lights. Lights specified on applicable drawings shall be capable of operating
throughout all trailer operating conditions (see 4.8.4).
3.4.3 Welding. Metal-arc welding of structural steels and the procedures required for
documentation prior to production welding shall be in accordance with MIL-STD-1261. The
contractor shall have an accepted welding procedure and accepted workmanship samples in
accordance with MIL-STD-1261 for each type of weld before any production welding can be
accomplished (see 4.8.5). Welder and welding operator certification. Before assigning any welder to manual
welding work, the contractor shall provide the contracting officer with certification that the
welder has passed qualification codes for the type of welding operations to be performed and that
such qualification is effective as defined by the particular code:
a. AWS D1.1, Structural Welding Code, Section 5, qualification.
b. ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section 9, Welding and Brazing
If only flat or horizontal welds are required, the contractor need not, qualify welders for "all
position welding". Subject to approval by the Government, the contractor standard welder
qualification may be substituted in lieu of the above codes provided the contractor procedure is,
as a minimum, equivalent to the above codes. The contractor shall be responsible for determining
that automatic welding equipment operators are capable of producing quality welds in accordance
with the contractor or manufacturer welding procedures (see 4.8.5). Welding repairs and burning operations. Welding repairs and burning operations of
any type or class shall be made only when and to the extent specifically authorized by the
acquisitioning activity (see 4.8.5 and 6.2).
3.4.4 Lifting attachments. Trailers shall be provided with lifting attachments in accordance
with applicable drawings. The lifting attachments shall be structurally adequate to lift the trailer
when loaded with maximum payload (see table III). Lifting slings, with spreader bar, shall
conform to MIL-STD-209 (see 4.8.6).
3.4.5 Tires. In accordance with Drawing 8750023, tube type, 12 ply, 11.00 - 20 tires shall be
furnished conforming to class CC, style a of MIL-T-12459. When mounted on the trailer, the
tires shall be inflated to 75 psi (see 4.8.7).
3.4.6 Landing gear. Landing legs shall support the fully loaded trailer and withstand the
strains imposed when coupling and uncoupling the trailer from the towing vehicle and raising and
lowering the loaded trailer. The landing gear shall operate freely when trailer is loaded or
unloaded and shall operate without physical interference (see 4.8.8).

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