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Page Title: Magazine catch and magazine release button
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MIL-S-63348A(AR) Fire control selector.  The fire control selector shall
have two positions; safe automatic and shall rotate manually
without binding from one position to another.  The selector shall
remain in place in each position by perceptible spring detent load
until manually reset and shall be retained in the lower receiver
by a spring loaded detent.  When the selector is placed in the safe
position, it shall prevent the trigger from releasing the bolt
carrier so that the weapon is incapable of being fired. Pistol grip
The pistol grip shall be securely
attached to the lower receiver and shall not interfere with operation
of the selector lever. Bolt catch,  The bolt catch shall be retained on the
lower receiver by the spring pin and held in the "down" position by
the bolt catch plunger and spring. The bolt catch shall move
through its full range of travel without binding and when positioned
manually or by action of the magazine follower, it shall remain
engaged and hold the bolt in the open (rearward) position.  When the
bolt catch is depressed bolt shall return to cocked position. When
a fully loaded magazine is inserted into the magazine well and the
bolt catch is depressed, the bolt shall return to the cocked
position.  When the trigger is pulled, the bolt carrier shall be
released, strip a cartridge from the magazine, insert the cartridge
in the barrel chamber and the weapon shall fire. Magazine catch and magazine release button. The
magazine catch, under spring action,-shall securely retain the
magazine in the magazine well. The magazine release button, when
depressed, shall disengage the magazine catch from the magazine and
permit removal of engagement with magazine. When the bolt is held
open (rearward) by the bolt catch, and the magazine release button
is depressed, the empty magazine shall be ejected under spring
assist from the magazine follower being depressed by the bolt
catch.  The spring tension of the magazine catch shall be adjustable
by depressing the magazine release button and rotating the magazine
catch clockwise to tighten; counterclockwise to loosen.  The magazine
release button shall be assembled to the magazine catch shaft, such
that the end of the shaft is within one turn of being flush with the
face of the magazine release button. Buttstock assembly and receiver extension. The
receiver extension with buttstock assembly shall be fastened
securely to the lower receiver.  The buttstock shall move manually
without binding from the retracted to the extended position. The
buttstock shall latch securely in both the retracted and extended

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