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Page Title: Arming of safe and arming subassembly
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The S&A, shall be spun to the non-arming speed as specified on
the applicable drawing.  The set back pin shall remain in the armed
position.  The contractor shall attempt to arm the "G" weight, (Dwg
9277790), in accordance with the minimum all-arm requirement as
stated on the applicable drawing.
While complying with the above, neither the G-weight, Part No.
9277790, the ball bearing, Part No. MS-19060-4810 or the slider
assembly, Part No. 9317618 shall move out of the safe state, i.e.,
into the armed position or in a position resting on the centrifugal
locks.  Duration of the time of spin for the test equipment shall be
approved by the. technical agency of 6.5.
After or during this spin test, the sub-assembly shall be
examined for evidence of arming either in or out of the test nest.
Any S&A failing to comply with any or all of the non-arming
requirements shall be classed defective and removed from the lot.
(Non-destructive test).
4.5.2 Arming of safe and arming subassembly. The subassembly,
consisting of the parts specified in 4.5.1 shall be spun up to the
arming speed specified in Dwg. 9317620 using approved test
equipment.  When at the required arming speed and the set back pin
assembly, Part No. 9317617, in the armed position, the G-weight part
No. 9277790, shall be moved into the armed position and the slider
assembly, Part No. 9317618, shall move into the full arm position.
Failure of the sample to comply with all of the specified
requirements shall cause the sample to be classed defective and
removed from the lot.
NOTE: Arming forces on the G-Weight, Dwg. No. 9277790, and
Setback Pin Assembly, Dwg. No. 9317617, need not be
rigorously controlled or measured during spin if it can
be shown that the static force requirements are met.
The sample shall be disarmed at the end of the test by entering
into further tests (See 4.5.3) or by other means as approved by the
technical agency listed in 6.5.  (Non-destructive test)
4.5.3 Non-arming of centrifugal locks (safe and arming
sub-assembly). An armed test sample, using approved test equipment
shall be spun at the non-arming speed specified in (Dwg. 9317620).
While at this speed, the slider assembly, part No. 9317618, shall be
moved into the non-armed position and the instrument performing this
operation shall be withdrawn or removed,  The slider assembly,
without any physical restraint upon it shall not move into the full

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