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Page Title: Methods of examination and test.
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Conform to laboratory standards whose calibration is traceable
to the prime standards at the National Bureau of Standards.
Have an accuracy of at least one-third the tolerance for the
variable to be measured. In the event of conflict between this
accuracy and a requirement for accuracy in any one of the test
methods of this specification, the latter shall govern.
Be appropriate for measuring the test parameters.
4.5.4 Data acquisition and reduction. Data acquisition and reduction shall
comply with the 1979 SAE Handbook, part 2, section J211b entitled, "Instrumentation
for Impact Test", for measurements of anthropomorphic dummy, body accelerations,
and structures.  The method recommended for use in establishing the acceptability
of the pulse and to determine other parameters associated with the data, such as
rise time, onset slope, and acceleration plateau duration is described in 6.4.8 of
this specification.
4.5.5 Lot.  An inspection lot shall consist of energy absorbers (load limiters)
manufactured under essentially the same conditions and from essentially the same
materials and components and offered for inspection at one time.
4.5.6 Rejected lots.  If an inspection lot is rejected, the manufacturer may
rework it to correct the defects or screen out the defective units and resubmit for
reinspection.  Resubmitted lots shall be inspected using tightened inspection and
shall not thereafter be tendered for acceptance unless the former rejection or re-
quirement of correction is disclosed.  Such lots shall be separate from new lots
and shall be clearly identified as reinspected lots.
4.6 Methods of examination and test.
4.6.1 Fit, function and design conformance examination. Representative seats
of the required type(s), class(es) and size(s) shall be furnished and installed in
the applicable aircraft. The seats shall then be inspectred for conformance to 3.3,
3.4, 3.5, 3.7, 3.9, 3.11, 3.12, 3.13 and 3.14. Occupants representing 5th and
95th-percentile passengers or troops as applicable with and without combat assault
equipment shall be used to demonstrate satisfactory restraint system uses seat
accommodations, and lack of encumbrances during ingress and egress. Occupants
shall wear warm-weather, intermediate-weather, and cold-weather clothing for each
of the demonstrations.  For troops, medium rucksacks and butt packs with combat
assault loads shall be demonstrated. Ingress, hookup and egress shall be timed for
each combination of clothing, equipment and personnel percentile. Times for seat
installation, disconnect, folding, and stowage shall also be measured. The con-
tractor shall prepare and make available to the acquiring activity a test plan and
test report in accordance with the CDRL, DD Form 1423 (see 6.2.2), which document
the testing procedures and test results of the fit, function and design conformance
4.6.2 Structural tests.  Each seat of the required type, class and size shall
be tested as a complete unit and shall be mounted in a suitable fixture by using
the normal seat system to aircraft structure tie-downs. The fixture shall be
representative of the aircraft's surrounding structure and spring rate to a degree
which is economically feasible for test purposes; adverse effects of actual test
fixture hardware shall be addressed within the specific test plan and report.

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