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Page Title: Painting and marking
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All chassis items shall be as represented in the chassis manufacturer's technical data, and special
bodies or mounted equipment shall be as represented in the body and equipment manufacturer's
technical data. Technical data shall be limited to specifications and technical material identical to
that furnished to the authorized company representatives for selection of vehicle models and
components, and shall be available to the engineering offices of the procuring activity prior to
delivery of the item. The chassis model furnished shall be not older than the chassis
manufacturer's current model on the date of invitation for bids.
3.1.1 Special requirements. In addition to the standard vehicle and components specified in
3.1, the vehicle shall be furnished with special equipment as specified herein. Painting and marking. Treatment, painting, marking and data plates shall be in
accordance with MIL-STD-1223. The exterior color and identification markings shall be in
accordance with the requirements of MIL-STD-1223 for the military service identified by the
procuring activity (see 6.2). When specified (see 6.2), concealed markings shall be furnished.
Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2), ambulance markings for all vehicle colors shall be furnished
as follows:
On the front, where space permits, the word "AMBULANCE" shall be displayed in
mirror image, in letters three inches high, centered above the windshield. A three-inch
high red cross on a four-inch square white field shall be located both to the left and to
the right and in line with the word "AMBULANCE" above the windshield
On the rear, a six-inch high red cross on an eight-inch square white field shall be
centered on each rear door panel, approximately eight to ten inches below the window,
depending on the vehicle configuration
On the sides, a 36-inch red cross on a 48-inch square white field shall be centered
between the front door and the rear corner
On the top, a 36-inch red cross on a 48-inch square white field shall be applied
The color of the markings for the crosses shall be gloss red matching color chip
No. 11136 of FED-STD-595. The color of each white field shall be gloss white
matching color chip No. 17886 of FED-STD-595. The color of the word
"AMBULANCE" shall be in contrast to the vehicle's exterior color and shall be either
gloss white matching the color of the white field, or the manufacturer's standard gloss

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