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Page Title: Gross vehicle weight
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3.2.5 Gross vehicle weight. The gross vehicle weight (GVW) shall consist of the curb
weight, the driver and the assistant driver weights (175 pounds each), and a payload, evenly
distributed over the load area, to provide not less than 10,000 pounds GVW. In addition, the
actual GVW of the vehicle furnished shall exceed the 10,000 pounds GVW when required to
provide a payload of not less than 1,600 pounds.
3.2.6 Dimensions. The wheelbase shall be not less than 135 inches. The vehicle height shall
be not more than 105 inches, exclusive of the warning light(s). The overall width of the vehicle,
exclusive of mirrors, lights and reflectors, shall be not more than 84 inches. The patients'
compartment floor shall be not more than 39 inches from the ground when the vehicle is without
payload and is in a level position.
3.2.7 Standard frame and driveline. The chassis frame and driveline shall be the chassis
manufacturer's standard and shall not be spliced to extend the wheelbase.
3.2.8 Accessibility. The design of the vehicle and optional equipment shall permit access for
routine servicing and shall permit access for replacement and adjustment of component parts and
accessories with minimal disturbance of other components and systems.
3.3 Performance.
3.3.1 Speeds and gradeability. High and low speed requirements shall be met with the
vehicle loaded to specified GVW and with the front wheel drive disengaged. High speed performance. The vehicle, loaded to rated GVW shall be capable of
maintaining a high speed of not less than 60 mph on smooth, level, hard-surfaced roads. Low speed gradeability. The vehicle, loaded to rated GVW, shall be capable of
ascending continuous grades of not less than 35 percent in low speed range. Low speed. Low speed for vehicles with manual transmissions shall be calculated
with the engine operating at not less than 35 percent of recommended governed speed and shall
provide a vehicle speed of not more than 4 mph.
3.3.2 Service brakes. The service brakes shall control and hold the vehicle, when loaded to
its required GVW, on a 35 percent grade. Under all conditions of loading, the service brakes
shall stop the vehicle, from a speed of 20 mph, in not more than 30 feet from the point at which

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