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Page Title: Spare tire assembly
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MIL-T-14382W Spare wheel or rim. When specified (see 6.2), a spare wheel or rim shall be
furnished. When a spare tire assembly is specified, a spare wheel or rim shall be furnished. Spare tire assembly. Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2), an inflated spare tire
mounted on the spare wheel or rim shall be furnished. The spare tire shall be of the same size,
tread design and load range (ply rating) as the tires in use on the vehicle.
3.4.11 Brakes. Brakes shall conform to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations 393.40
through 393.42 (except 393.40(b)(1)(i)), 393.45 through 393.49, and 393.51. When available as
the manufacturer's standard or as an option, brake linings shall be of nonasbestos material. The
vehicle shall be equipped with power assisted, hydraulically actuated, four wheel service brakes. Split hydraulic brake system. The power-hydraulic brake system shall be so
arranged as to provide separate systems for at least two wheels and so designed and constructed
that rupture or leakage type failure of any single pressure component of the service brake system,
except structural failures of the brake master cylinder body, effectiveness indicator body, or other
housing common to the divided system, will not result in complete loss of function of the vehicle
brakes when force on the brake pedal is continued. "Pressure component" means any internal
component of the brake master cylinder or master control unit, wheel brake cylinder, brake line,
brake hose, or equivalent, except power assist components. Indicator lights. The split hydraulic brake system shall be equipped with an
electrically operated red light mounted on the instrument panel to indicate system effectiveness.
The light shall have an area of not less than 0.196 square inch. It shall illuminate before or upon
application of the brakes when an actuating-pressure component of the system has sustained a
loss of pressure. The indicator light system shall include a means for testing by the vehicle
operator to assure that the light bulb is operable.
3.4.12 Steering. Power steering shall be furnished.
3.4.13 Windshield wipers and washers. The vehicle shall be equipped with dual windshield
wipers and windshield washers. Windshield wipers shall be of the multispeed type and operated
by electric motor(s).
3.4.14 Bumpers. Front and rear bumpers and rear end protection shall be provided. Rear
end protection shall conform to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation 393.86. The rear
bumper shall conform to

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