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Page Title: Production Equipments
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Scope of Tests - Preproductlon tests shall include all tests deemed necessary
by the procuring activity to determine that the equipment meets all the requirements of this
specification and the contract.  Preproduction tests shall include environmental tests in accor-
dance with the procedures of Specification MI L-T- 5422, modifying the test limits of the applicable
tests to correspond with the limits specified herein.  Interference tests shall be conducted in
accordance with Specification MIL-I-6181.
Preproduction Approval - Approval of the preproduction sample shall be by
the procuring activity upon satisfactory completion of all tests.  No production equipments shall
be delivered prior to the approval of the preproduction sample. Prefabrication of production
equipment prior to the approval of the preproduction sample is at the contractor's own risk, The
approved preproduction sample will be returned to the contractor for his use in the fabrication and
testing of equipment to be submitted for acceptance.  The preproduction sample shall not be con-
sidered as one of the equipments under the contract; however, it may be reworked by the contrac-
tor and submitted for acceptance as a production equipment.
Production Equipments - Equipments supplied under the contract shall in all
respects, including design, construction, workmanship, performance and quality, be equivalent
to the approved preproduction sample.  Each equipment shall be capable of successfully passing
the same tests as imposed on the preproduction sample.  Evidence of non- compliance with the
above shall constitute cause for rejection and for equipment already accepted by the government it
shall be the obligation of the contractor to make necessary corrections as approved by the procur-
ing activity.
Production Sample Tests - When requested by the procuring activity, one
equipment shall be selected from the first 10 production equipments submitted for acceptance and
sent at the contractors expense to a designated government laboratory for tests.  This equipment
shall be selected by the government inspector after the equipment has successfully passed all in-
individual tests.  The preproduction sample shall not be selected for this test.
4. 3.1
Scope of Tests - This equipment may be subjected to any and all tests the pro-
curing activity deems necessary to assure that the production equipment is equivalent to the pre-
viously approved preproduction sample in design, construction, workmanship, performance and
quality and that it meets all applicable requirements.
production sample shall be by
Production Sample Approval - Approval of the
the procuring activity upon satisfactory completion of all tests.  Any design, material or perform-
ance defect made evident during this test shall be corrected by the contractor to the satisfaction of
the procuring activity.  Failure of the production sample to pass any of the tests shall be cause
for deliveries of equipment under the contract to cease until proper corrective action is approved
and accomplished.  Corrective action shall also be accomplished on equipment previously accepted
when requested by the procuring activity.
Reconditioning of Production Test Sample - On completion of the production
sample test the equipment shall be reworked by the contractor by replacing all wear or damaged
items.  After reworking the contractor shall resubmit the equipment for acceptance.
Acceptance Tests - The contractor shall furnish all samples and shall be re-
sponsible for accomplishing the acceptance tests.  All inspection and testing shall be under the
supervision of the government inspector.  Contractors not having testing facilities satisfactory to
the procuring activity shall engage the service of a commercial testing laboratory acceptable to
the procuring activity.  The contractor shall furnish test reports showing quantitative results for
all acceptance tests.

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