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MIL-T-26025E (USAF) Maintainabilitv demonstration. Compliance with the maintenance downtime requirements
shall be demonstrated by task performance. All scheduled maintenance tasks and all tasks listed in shall be performed. In addition, corrective maintenance tasks shall be selected by the procuring
activity from an approved list of tasks provided by the contractor in the first article test procedure. Not less
than 25 percent or more than 50 percent of the total number of tasks shall be demonstrated to verify an
average maintenance downtime within the required limit. As part of this demonstration, the
recommended frequencies of the scheduled maintenance tasks and the times recorded to accomplish the
tasks shall be used to develop an expected value of scheduled maintenance downtime per measure of use,
such as calendar time, hours of operation or miles traveled. The capability of performing maintenance
tasks be personnel wearing arctic mittens shall be demonstrated.
User Test. If specified (see 6.2) the vehicle shall be delivered to the Government site (see 6.2) for
60 available days (seven days a week) of user test. The 45 available days shall be consecutive, except when
interrupted for maintenance/repair downtime, as defined herein. The user test will not begin until after
the contractor has completed the first article test on the contractor test sample as defined by 4.5, except
alternate fuel test (see 4.5.14), corrosion test (see 4.5.17) and cold start test (see 4.5.18). Acceptance tests
(see 4.4) and the examination of product (see 4.5.1) shall be perfomed on the user test sample prior to
shipment of the user test sample. The user test sample shall not be shipped without prior 15 day notification
to the PCO. The test period shall begin after the vehicle has been inspected and prepared for towing
aircraft/trailers and shall end when 45 days of availability are complete or 60 calendar days have
elapsed, whichever occurs first. If the user test sample has not been available for 45 test days after 60
calendar days have elapsed, the user test shall be considered a failure. The vehicle shall be available for
any one period of eight consecutive hours during each day of the 45 day test. The periods shall be scheduled
by the site's representative, and the schedules shall be provided to the contractor at least 12 hours in
advance. Any period of more than four hours of the same day that the vehicle is out of service for
maintenance or repair shall not be considered an available day for the test period. The vehicle shall be
operated, and scheduled maintenance shall be per-formed by Air Force personnel using the operation and
maintenance procedures contained in the preliminary technical data to be supplied with the test sample.
The preliminary technical data shall contain procedures for preparation/tiedown of the tractor for air
shipment, The contractor will provide any special tools/equipment required to perform operators
maintenance/scheduled maintenance.  any parts or corrective actions required shall be provided by the
contractor. Any corrective actions performed by the contractor shall not begin before notification to the
site's representative, Government personnel shall be allowed to observe their actions. The contractor
shall provide all tractor consumables required in the course of the test except for diesel fuel, water,
compressed air and electrical power which will be furnished. The contractor shall provide on-site
familiarization to the operators and mechanics as necessary to perform this test. Test operations will be
used in or simulate normal Air Force usage and will not exceed any performance requirements defined
by Section 3 of this purchase description. Noncompliance with the performance requirements of this
purchase description shall be cause for rejection. The contractor shall maintain a daily log. The log
shall be signed by the location's representative and the contractor after each day of activity. The daily log
shall document, but not be limited to, the following:
Operating time.
Tasks completed.
Technical manual errors.
All failures and corrective actions taken.
Operational problems encountered.
User test representative comments.
The contractor shall report the user test results, including daily logs of activities, in the first article
inspection report.

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