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Page Title: Sealing (counter assembly )
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Sheet 1.  The gas used shall be dry nitrogen having a dew point of -25F.
After connecting the test fixture to the panoramic telescope, adjust
testing pressure to the pressure specified in 3.4.1 and maintain the
pressure for time specified in 3.4.1.  Pressure gage shall remain constant
to assure compliance with 3.4.1.  At the completion of this test, connect.
a dew point tester to the exit post and purge the optical assembly until
-25F is recorded and seal the instrument. Sealing (counter assembly ).- This test to be accomplished
as outlined above, however, the pressure and time values specified in 3.4.2
shall apply.
4.7 Performance testing.
4.7.1 Orientation.- Proper orientation of the panoramic telescope
is assured when mounted and secured to an adapter, the accuracy of which
shall be equal to or better than the accuracy depicted on Drawing F8599913,
and when aligned as outlined in set-up instructions specified on Drawing
F8599913.  With the panoramic telescope positioned on the fixture as out-
lined above the line of sight, elbow assembly, counters and the click
mechanism shall be set as specified in 3.6.
4.7.2 Collimation. Previbration.- With telescope positioned as outlined in
4.7.1, observe coincidence between the panoramic telescope line of sight
and the optical axis of the test reticle (target) in the collimator
projector.  This coincidence must be within the limits outlined in
Record this position. Exercise care no to move the setting of the panora-
mic telescope. Vibration.- This test shall be performed using a testing
device, the accuracy of which shall be equal to or exceed the accuracy
depicted on Fixture Drawing F7560085.  The test shall be performed as
outlined in Procedure V of MIL-F-13926; however, the duration shall be as
specified in 3.3.4.  At the conclusion of the test, the telescope shall
be subjected to a visual and tactile examination and shall be subjected
to the following performance test to determine conformance with 3.3.4. Post vibration.- Immediately after completing the vibration
test, re-assemble the telescope to the adapter and without disturbing any
previous asettings, observe where the panoramic telescope's optical line of
sight falls upon the projector collimator reticle. This observed point and,
the recorded position ( shall coincide within the limits specified
in Cleanliness.- The panoramic telescope shall be tested for
cleanliness by using the shadowing technique outlined in MIL-O-13830. At
the conclusion of this test, dirt particles shall not exceed the limits
outlined in 3.5.

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