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Page Title: Internal pressure
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MIL-T-46590C Internal pressure. Prior to application of protective finish, the welded reservoir cylinder shall
be mounted in a device and the pressure shall be applied as specified in 3.6.2. Torque. A torque wrench, set at the requirement as specified in 3.6.3, shall be used in
conjunction with a fixture to determine the adequacy of the joint. The torque shall be applied at each end of
the reservoir cylinder with the load axis, moment arm axis, and long axis of the cylinder all mutually
perpendicular. The reservoir assembly may be in the mounted position in the metal parts assembly or in any
manner similar thereto.
4.6.5 Assembly. Piston rod rotation. Prior to torque application on the ring nut, the piston rod shall be rotated
manually, in a clockwise direction for 360 degrees. Breakaway torque. A torque wrench, set at the requirement as specified in, shall be used
in conjunction with a fixture to determine the adequacy of the joint. The torque shall be applied to the ring
nut after insertion of pellets. Piston rod retraction. After assembly of the piston rod into the body and the torque has been
applied to the ring nut, the static compression load as specified in 3.7.3 shall be applied between the mounting
points of the thruster. Fluid leakage. The thruster shall be placed on paper or any material that will show oil or fluid
markings. The thruster shall be positioned as noted in and, and shall remain in each position
for a minimum of 12 hours. The test shall be performed after the piston rod and ring nut have been assembled
into the thruster, but prior to installation of the reservoir assembly.
4.6.6 Protective finish. Test procedures for protective finish shall be in accordance with the applicable
specification referenced on the applicable drawing.
4.6.7 Residual magnetism. The assembly shall be tested for excessive residual magnetism using an
approved compass in an area free of local magnetic effects by placing the assembly 5 inches from the end and
at the same height as the compass, in a north-south horizontal position (head end at south) with the compass
set in an east-west heading. The assembly shall be moved at a speed no greater than 10 feet per minute past
the compass for its entire length, rotated 90 degrees in the horizontal position about its longitudinal axis and
moved slowly back past the compass. This procedure shall be repeated for each 90 degree rotation of the
assembly for four full passes.
4.7 Inspection of packaging. The sampling and inspection of the packaging, packing, and container
marking shall be in accordance with the requirements of section 5.
5.1 Packing and marking. Packing and marking shall be Level A or B, as specified by the contracting
activity (see 6.2). Level A shall be in accordance with Drawings 8858440 and 8858441. Level B shall be in
accordance with Drawings 8858441 and 9217560.

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