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3.2.8 Ratings. Vehicle ratings shall be manufacturer's published ratings. Component
and vehicular ratings shall not be raised to meet the requirements of this specification. When
published ratings are not available, verification of ratings shall be submitted to the engineering
office of the procuring activity.
3.2.9 Overall width. The overall width of the vehicle, exclusive of tires and safety
related items such as mirrors, lights and reflectors, shall be not more than 96 inches. The width
over the tires shall be not more than 100 inches.
3.2.10 Accessibilitv. The design of the vehicle and optional equipment shall permit
access for routine servicing and shall permit access for replacement and adjustment of
component parts and accessories with minimal disturbance to other compartments and systems.
3.2.11 Prohibited materials. Asbestos materials shall not be used in any form in any part
of the vehicle. No item, part or assembly shall contain radioactive materials in which the
specific activity is greater than 0.002 microcurie per gram or activity per item equals or exceeds
0.01 microcuries.
3.3 Performance.
3.3.1 Speeds. High and low speed requirements shall be met with the vehicle loaded to
specified GVW. High speed gradeability. The vehicle shall ascend a 2.2 percent grade at 50 miles
per hour (mph). Gradeability requirements shall be met with the main transmission in direct
drive. Gradeability shall be verified with calculations in accordance with SAE J688 (see 6.3). Low speed. Low speed shall be calculated with the engine operating at not less
than 35 percent of the recommended governed speed, and shall provide a vehicle speed of not
more than 4.5 mph.
* Maximum geared speed. The maximum geared speed at engine governed speed
shall be not less than 58 mph. Conformance to geared speed specified shall be determined by
calculating in accordance with the following formula:
Maximum geared speed (mph)=
Governed speed (rpm)____________
Total gear reduction x tire factor (see 6.3).
3.3.2 Service brakes. The service brakes shall control and hold the vehicle, when loaded
to its specified GVW, on a 30 percent grade. The service brakes shall stop the vehicle, loaded to
specified GVW, within the stopping distance requirements of Federal Motor Carrier Safety
Regulation 393.52.

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