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Page Title: Fuel and water separator
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furnished on gasoline engine driven vehicles, a selector valve connecting either tank to engine
fuel intake shall be provided and means shall be provided to monitor the level of either tank from
a single fuel gage; or an equalizing pump shall be used to maintain the same fuel level in both
* Fuel and water separator. The manufacturer's standard or optional fuel filter shall
be provided. When specified (see 6.2), a fuel and water separator shall be furnished. The
separator shall include a water coalescer and a drain valve. When a separator is required, a
combination filer/separator unit may be furnished.
3.4.4 Exhaust system. The exhaust system shall conform to Federal Motor Carrier
Safety Regulation 393.83. The exhaust system shall discharge at the rear of the vehicle or to the
side behind the rear wheels. Except when a turbocharged engine is specified, a spark arrester
shall be furnished. The spark arrester shall have an 80 percent arresting efficiency when rated in
accordance with SAE J350.
3.4.5 Tranamission. Input torque capacity of the transmission shall be at least equal to
the maximum torque delivered by the engine. Transmission and axle gear ratios shall be selected
to provide the performance specified in 3.3.1 through
* Automatic transmission. The vehicle shall have an automatic transmission. The
automatic transmission shall include a hydraulic torque converter and not less than four forward
gear ratios. Normal driving range selector position shall provide not less than four gear ratios
without movement of the selector. The transmission shall be provided with a power takeoff
3.4.6 Driveline components. Driveline components shall be adequate to transmit the
maximum delivered torque of the engine, as developed through the maximum gear train
3.4.7 Frame. The chassis frame shall be the manufacturer's standard for the model
vehicle furnished. Frame members shall provide sufficient structural strength in the chassis
frame through increased resisting bending moment to at least equal the load imposed with the
vehicle loaded to specified GVW. Chassis frame rails shall not protrude beyond the rear end of
the vehicle.
3.4.8 Suspension. The vehicle shall be equipped with a suspension system with
components having a rated capacity at least equal to the load imposed on each member,
measured at the ground, with the vehicle loaded to specified GVW. When suspension capacity is
rated at the spring pads, unsprung weight shall be deducted. Vehicle shall be equipped with
heavy duty hydraulic, double-acting shock absorbers at the front and rear wheels. The
suspension system shall resist vibration, road noise, tip and roll of the body. When specified
(see 6.2), variable rate springs and adjustable shock absorbers shall be provided.

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