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Page Title: Fuel system
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3.4.11 Fuel system. Fuel Tanks and lines. Provisions shall be made to assure the internal cleanliness of
the fuel tanks and lines prior to initial fueling of vehicle. The fuel tanks shall be free from
leakage. The fuel tanks shall be capable of receiving 50 gallons of fuel per minute (see Intake fuel pumps. Each pump shall be capable of producing a minimum pressure
of 5 pounds per square inch (psi) at the engine end of fuel line disconnect, under no-flow
conditions (see Fuel return systems. The fuel return selector valve shall divert fuel to the tanks as
indicated by the pointer on top of the valve (see Fuel shutoff valve. The engine shall stop firing and rotating within a maximum of
30 seconds after the manual fuel shut-off valve is actuated to the "OFF" position (see Throttle linkage. With the throttle linkage attached to engine and the throttle pedal
depressed to within a range of 0.12 to 0.62 inch of the pedal stop, the throttle shall be at full rack
position. At the foregoing adjustment and with the throttle pedal depressed to the pedal stop, a
minimum of 0.01 inch clearance shall remain at the engine throttle stop (see Fuel system, grades and slopes. During engine operation, the fuel system shall
maintain a continuous fuel supply to the engine with ascending and descending 60 percent grades
in forward and reverse gear, and when the vehicle is being operated on 30 percent side slopes,
with either side of the vehicle up slope (see
3.4.12 Hatches. Driver's hatch. The force required to breakaway and turn the driver's hatch cover
across the opening shall not exceed 30 pounds at the handle. The force required to lock the
driver's hatch cover in the closed position shall not exceed 75 pounds at the end of the locking
lever (see Driver's escape hatch. The force required to operate the handle to release the
driver's escape hatch latching mechanism shall be 50 + 10 pounds (lb) pull at a point 1/2 inch
from the end of the handle. The driver's escape hatch shall drop free of the hull when the
latching mechanism is released (see Loader's hatch. The helper springs on outside of vehicle shall be set so when the
loader's hatch is unlatched, it shall spring open 30 degrees from horizontal. The force required
to close the hatch from the open 30 degree position shall not exceed 45 lb. With the hatch fully
closed, the force required to lock or unlock the hatch shall not exceed 20 lb (see

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