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Page Title: Nylon ballistic shield
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MIL-T-62222(AT) Nylon ballistic shield. The gun mount with coaxial machine gun mount, machine gun,
spent brass and link ejection bag, sighting system and the nylon ballistic shield installed, shall elevate
to a minimum of 19 degrees and a minimum of 8 degrees depression. No binding shall exist between
the machine gun, the sighting system and the nylon ballistic shield, to cause the coaxial machine gun
to deflect by more than 0.5 mil and the telescope to deflect more than 0.1 mil (see System backlash. With the elevation and traverse power switch on or off, the control
system backlash shall not exceed 1 mil in traverse and 1 mil in elevation when a perpendicular force
of 70 lb is applied in the plane of rotation at a point approximately 20 inches from the muzzle end of
the gun. (The backlash shall be that angular movement of the gun in traverse and elevation when the
force at the end of the gun is reversed and applied in an opposite direction.) (See Turret and gun control system. Except as otherwise specified, the turret and gun control
system shall operate and meet all requirements specified herein for the following operating
conditions (see
a. The turret shall be level within one degree.
b. The vehicle electrical system shall supply at least 25.8 V dc to the turret and gun control
system with the engine operating and the generating system ON.
c. The main armament shall be balanced as specified in
NOTE: The system shall be capable of operating at l8 to 30 V dc. Traverse and elevation rates. Gun elevation speeds. The gun shall be controllable in elevation and depression over
a speed range of at least 0.5 mil per second to 71 mils per second (4 degrees per second). The steady
speed (after acceleration) shall continuously increase with increasing handle displacement; these
requirements apply to both gunner and commander power controls (see Turret traversing speeds. The turret shall be controllable in traverse at all speeds
between 0.5 mil per second, and 400 mils per second. The tracking speed shall range as a minimum
from 0.5 mil per second to 65.2 mils per second. At speeds above 65.2 mils per second the turret
speed shall increase with increased control handle displacement until maximum velocity of not less
than 400 mils per second is reached. The system shall remain stable at all times. These requirements
are applicable to both the gunner and commander power controls (see Main gun laying and tracking. Gun laying (stationary target, and vehicle). The average time required to position the
periscope reticle within the borders of a .25 mil square target shall not exceed the times listed and the
conditions as specified in table IV. The time requirement shall be met for the trials of right and left
traverse or elevation and depression. For combined traverse, elevation, and depression layoffs, the
time requirements apply to number of trials from each of four directions form target. These

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