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Page Title: Stowed equipment
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4.6.9 Stowed equipment. To determine conformance to 3.4.8, all BII except ammunition
shall be stowed (combat loaded) on the vehicle. Ammunition shall be simulated in size and
weight. All items shall fit and function in the space provided and all fastening devices shall be
secured. All BII used shall be of the latest production available to the contractor. The contractor
will be permitted to unpackage, install, and repackage BII used for this test.
4.6.10 Engine shroud. To determine conformance to 3.4.9, a dimensional check shall be
made at the right and left front corners of the engine shroud to assure sealing between top deck
frame and the tadpole seal around the engine.
4.6.11 Cooling system. To determine conformance to 3.4.10, with the vehicle operating at
ambient temperature, verify that the engine and oil temperature indicators on the driver's panel
remain in the green area during all stages of vehicle operation.
4.6.12 Fuel system. Fuel tanks and lines. To determine conformance to, the fuel tanks and
lines shall be examined for cleanliness at various stages of fabrication. The fuel system shall be
pressurized with fuel filtered air at a pressure of 3 to 4 psi, a fluid, soapy water or equivalent,
applied to the fittings and fuel tank seals to test for leakage. All lines, connections, and tanks
shall be as specified. Upon completion of the leakage test, all lines, tanks, and connections shall
be wiped dry of test fluid. The fuel tanks shall be filled at a rate of not less than 50 gpm, and
observed for leaks before and after vehicle operation on smooth, level, and hard-surfaced roads. Intank fuel pumps. To determine conformance to, a plug with pressure
gage shall be attached to the engine end of the fuel line disconnect. The pump shall be
electrically actuated and the pressure shall be as specified for each pump. Fuel return system. To determine conformance to, air pressure of 3 to 5 psi
shall be applied to the inlet line and the return selector valve checked in the "left" and then
"right" positions to verify that the fuel is diverted into the correct tank as indicated by the
pointer. After the test, the selector valve shall be placed in the "both" position and lockwired in
that position. Fuel shutoff valve. To determine conformance to, with the engine
operating at 2000 to 2200 rpm, the fuel shutoff handle shall be actuated to the "OFF" position;
the engine shall stop operating within the time specified. Throttle linkage. To determine conformance to, the throttle pedal shall be
depressed to within a range of 0.12 to 0.62 inch of the pedal stop, and the engine throttle rod
checked to assure that full rack position has been reached. The throttle pedal shall then be
depressed to the pedal stop and verification made that a clearance of 0.01 inch minimum is at the
engine throttle stop.

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