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Page Title: Indirect fire control
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c. The gunner's periscope daylight system shall be aligned with its aiming point to
rotating the boresight knobs. The knobs shall be locked.
d. The rangefinder scale light shall be switched on.
e. The range finder scale shall be positioned at 500 meters without overtraveling.
f. The ballistic computer switch at the rangefinder shall be turned on.
g. The gunner's periscope shall be lowered as a result of superelevation input from the
ballistic computer. The gunner's periscope reticle shall be realigned with its aiming
point by elevating the gun. Alignment shall be accomplished from low to high.
h. Superelevation of the gun shall be noted by the position of the gun tube telescope on
the mil target or by reading the gunner's quadrant M1Al on the gun breech ring pads.
Superelevation reading shall conform to table VIII with tolerances as specified in
table IX. The ballistic computer power switch at the rangefinder shall be turned off.
i. The inspection procedure in "a" through "h" above shall be repeated for each
ammunition at the ranges in table VIII. Indirect fire control. Elevation quadrant. To determine conformance to, with the turret
in a level position, using a calibrated gunner's quadrant on the breech pad, the gun shall be
elevated to 337.78 mils. The reading on the elevation quadrant shall agree with the calibrated
quadrant within 1 mil. The procedure shall be repeated with the gun at a depression of
142.22 mils. Azimuth indicator backlash. To determine conformance to, the
turret shall be traversed in a clockwise direction without overtravel and the zero of the outer
movable dial positioned in line with the one mil pointer. A fixed vertical reference line shall be
observed through the gunner's telescope and the corresponding boresight knob position noted.
The turret shall then be traversed clockwise approximately 50 mils and returned to its zero
azimuth indicator position without overtravel. The movement of the gunner's telescope
boresight deflection knob required to realign the vertical line of sight with its original reference
line is backlash error and shall not exceed 1.0 mil. Leveling devices. To determine conformance to, the main gun
shall be leveled at zero elevation as indicated by a bore leveling gage positioned in the chamber.
The leveling devices on the rangefinder and ballistic drive shall be observed for accuracy.

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