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Page Title: Exterior model name plates and trim
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a. Exterior metal and plastic surfaces. All exterior metal and plastic surfaces shall be treated
as specified in MIL-STD-193 and finish painted with an acrylic or an alkyd base paint having
color, gloss and infrared reflectance properties of lusterless forest green in accordance with
MIL-E-52798 or MIL-E-52835. Metal surfaces shall be pretreated as specified in Type I or
Type III of TT-C-490. Surfaces shall be primed as specified in TT-P-636. When overcoated
with acrylic or alkyd enamel in accordance with the requirements of MIL-E-52798 or
MIL-E-52835, there shall be sufficient intercoat adhesion to assure a good paint bond.
b. Chassis, accessories and components. The chassis rear of the vehicle cab, rear axle, fifth
wheel lifting arms, tread plate, steps, floodlamps, handles, fenders, pintle, fuel tank, air and
hydraulic tanks, exterior of cylinders and all components shall be finish painted in accordance
with MIL-E-52798 or MIL-E-52835.
c. Exterior model name plates and trim. Exterior model name plates and ornamental trim
may be eliminated, providing no holes are left. Small external screws that are normally bright
finished may be black phosphated or chromated, in lieu of the lusterless forest green paint
specified herein. Stainless steel lock cylinders and flat-finished windshield wiper arms, blades
and pivots need not be painted.
d. Manufacturer's standard painting procedure. Top surface of the fifth wheel assembly; top
surface of the fifth wheel fork and approach ramps; front under body components, engine and
chassis forward of the rear vehicle cab, and front underbody components not visible from 5 feet
from the vehicle may be treated in accordance with manufacturer's standard commercial practice.
e. Rubber and seals. Rubber, gaskets and seals need not be painted.
f. Interior plastic and metal surfaces. The interior plastic accessories and metal surfaces of
the cab shall conform to manufacturer's standard commercial practice.
g. Vehicle cab interior. The vehicle cab interior side lining, ceiling, header and upholstery
color shall be manufacturer's standard black, dark green or dark brown. All vehicles shall have
the same interior color and upholstery color. Marking The markings shall be in accordance with MIL-STD-642 except as
specified herein. Exterior markings shall be black lusterless paint having equivalent infrared

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