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Page Title: Coolant system and indicators
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MIL-T-62255C(AT) Coolant system and indicators. Coolant system shall inciude a deaeration system
and a surge tank or a coolant recovery reservoir of not less than two quart capacity. A high
coolant temperature and a low coolant level alarm buzzer and red indicator warning light shall be
provided on the dash instrument panel. The reservoir shall be located in a position readily
visible for inspection of the coolant level. A radiator servicing access door shall be provided. Towing, tiedown and lifting devices. Towing, tiedown and lifting devices specified
herein, shall be furnished. The tiedown and lifting devices shall be in accordance with Class 1,
Type II of MIL-STD-209, and their attaching members shall be certified to the engineering
office of the procuring activity that the devices meet or exceed MIL-STD-209. Towing devices. Two towing devices shall be furnished on the front of the vehicle
and two towing devices shall be furnished on the rear of the vehicle. The towing devices shall be
capable of towing the specified GCWR. A caution plate shall be provided depicting the
NOTE: Do not tow vehicle over 20 miles per hour (mph) and no more than 15 miles. Tiedown and lifting devices. In addition to the towing devices specified in, the vehicle shall be capable of being transported by highway, rail, ocean carrier and
C5A aircraft. Complete diagrams and instructions for lifting and tying down the vehicle to the
various transportation modes shall be provided. The tiedown devices shall permit tiedown of the
vehicle to the floor or deck of the transportation medium in such a manner as to prevent shifting
or movement in any direction. Each device and its attaching member shall be capable of
accepting its proportionate share of the loads imposed. Rear crossmember mounting for pintle assembly. A rear crossmember for mounting
a pintle assembly MS51117 by the receiving activity shall be furnished. Location for the holes
for the pintle assembly shall be as specified in The crossmember shall include the
mounting holes for the pintle assembly, and the two towing devices specified in The
brake air lines and the electrical lines shall terminate forward of the crossmember with
provisions for the receiving activity to install the air brake receptacles and electrical 12 volt

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